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  1. Gents, it's been a long road. Without a doubt, we all know the struggles of hair loss and how it affects us; but good God I feel like a new man! Yesterday was my first session in New York. I will admit that I was nervous when I walked in for I did not know what to expect, but the entire experience worth it. Not only are they kick a$$ at what they do, they make you feel comfortable and we were laughing several times throughout the procedure. My hair started thinning at 18. I felt so robbed by life when this occurred. I used Rogaine and Propecia with little results; then I found Toppik. I started using Toppik at 22 and was able to pull off a full head of hair for years, but there in laid the problem; it wasn't permanent. Every time someone stood behind me I had to worry if they were going to rub my head and--literally--rub half my hair off. I could never jump into a pool or stand out in the rain for this exact reason. As my hair thinned out more and more, I knew something had to be done. That's when I found HIS. I cannot thank HIS enough for what they did for me. I did a lot of research before I went and found this vid. if anyone wants to check it out: Gents, I'm not afraid to admit it, I almost shed a tear this morning knowing that my chrome dome days are behind me (And this is only session 1). For anyone struggling like I did, for anyone out there who might be reading this and needs some reassurance, I cannot stress enough how great of a decision this was to go for. The pics you will see are from before the procedure, during the session, immediately after, and when I woke up today. My head was a little red during the session, but I saw a friend last night (7 hours post session) and she just thought I had a slight sun burn because the redness died down that much. Let me know what you guys think! (Again pics are before, during, immediately after, and this morning.)
  2. First Session Sadness..

    Hi all, After a year of saving up on my student financial status, I got my first session in NYC last week. Very saddened by this progress..the treatment has only accentuated my crown balding. I know the power of SMP and real-life results, I just wonder why I was omitted from the magic. I don't know what to do. I have my second session tomorrow with Greg, hoping that will make a difference. I was not quoted for a third session, nor did Ranbir + Ian think I needed a third. I am only posting here because I have been an ambassador for HIS Hair, and I feel very slighted by the procedure so far. I've referred many people, and was referred myself. Hoping tomorrow brings a better day. R
  3. Houston Clinic

    I've been "ghosting" on this forum for over a year...haven't ever commented on anything. I've been considering SMP for at least that long. The nearest clinic to me is in Houston (I live in New Orleans area). I'm just wondering does anyone have any pictures of work done in Houston, and the quality I'd get there? Despite all attempts to ensure consistency, some clinics are simply better than others, in my opinion (based on the results I see on here). If I lived near NYC or LA, I'd go there without hesitation, but I don't, and Houston is my best option...I just need to see some pics, because I'm not prepared to go through with SMP without knowing the type of look I might achieve. Additionally, I have a transplant scar in the back of my head (it's not too bad...but I know that makes a difference). So, anyone with any pics, or experiences, at the Houston clinic, that'd be awesome! Thanks.
  4. I'm getting a little worried here now about getting SMP considering the last few posts have been a bit negative. I remember reading here a year ago and people saying how it's the best thing they have ever done and wish they would have got this procedure sooner. when I saw Ian in Toronto, his SMP looked absolutely amazing and I left that day saying to myself this is the next best thing to a cure to baldness. Now I'm second guessing myself if I should go through with this or go back on Propecia and live with what I have. All in all, I need to see more positive posts on here and some more pics of guys that have had the treatment done in the past and most recently. Also, I need to meet up with some people to see how it is in actual real life. I'm hoping that Toronto clinic has a open day event with a bunch of guys whom have had SMP which I can look at. Please everyone I need a bit more convincing now seeing some negative posts. I guess one or two negative comments can really have an impact on the thousands and thousands of successful SMP procedure that have been done. I know this has been answered a thousand times but will this treatment be detectable especially in office space lighting or at dinner tables, out at shopping malls out in the sun or do you hide and wear a ball cap to cover up our SMP and not be called out? is anyone still self conscious about people noticing something different? I'm a pretty sensitive guy where if someone calls me out I probably will be hurt by it. any and all positive and negative comments would be appreciated. Thanks everyone
  5. HIS with Snapchat

    Hi everyone, Since Snapchat is very popular at the moment I thought it could be fun to upload some pics of how your treatments look on this. I've done the first. Who's next? Cheers.
  6. So, I plucked up the courage for smp into my strip scar from a ht some years ago. Although my scar coverage is good, i am now left with a blue line on my head instead of a skin/scar coloured line. Which is actually a bigger eyesore, so defeats the object of camouflage. I have received the lightest shade. I am 3 weeks post procedure from my 2nd smp session, and am very sceptical about going for a third. Anyone had the same? any comments etc much appreciated. pics below, before procedure and after 2procedures.
  7. **Correction, Almost Four Years On** Hi all, It's nearly been four years since my first treatment so thought I would share some of my experiences since having the treatment done. The first thing I would like to say is I do not regret getting this treatment done whatsoever. The main reason I got this treatment done was because I was receding at the temples and knew it would get worse; therefore, I took the plunge. I was only 22 when I received the treatment, and now at nearly 26, I have spent a large part of my twenties bald. Many of my friends and people the same age are clinging to the hair they have left, and few have taken the plunge and shaved it. I will now take this opportunity to answer some questions. Has having the treatment changed the way the opposite sex have looked at me? It is hard to say, because despite having SMP, I have never really been short of female attention. The only time I really did wish I had hair was when I went to Magaluf in 2014, and the place was filled with Terminators with great tans and tremendous heads of hair. In all fairness, I felt I probably would have looked better over there if I had hair but maybe that's just my own insecurities. Have I told many people about the treatment? I have told only a select number of people. My mum, brother, some close friends, my ex girlfriend (when we were together I got the treatment done) and my current girlfriend. One thing I will say is be very careful about this if you care about people knowing. I was somewhat betrayed by a friend who told some people about me having the treatment which resulted in me losing that friend. Relationships will fall apart, and information about yourself and the treatment is something you can never take back, so be cautious and don't piss off an ex girlfriend. Have I ever been called out on the treatment? I can honestly say I have never been called out on the treatment. It has even been to the extent where someone brought up the fact they saw a head tattoo being featured on a show the previous night and I still wasn't called out. I know in some situations this could be a sly way of trying to gauge a reaction if someone had a suspicion; however, this person genuinely did not know. All I could do was act amazed that there was such a concept, and the conversation eventually moved on. Having said that, there have been a few comments over the years which have come in the form of "your hair looks painted/drawn on" but those were by no means comments that were aimed at the fact that I have a tattoo on my head but merely observations. I merely laughed them off. Any general comments on the treatment? I have had many compliments over the years from people that do not know I have had this done. I have had comments like "you have a movie star's hairline", and some people act with genuine curiosity as to why I shave my head at all which is the most common question. To anyone contemplating getting this done, be prepared for this. Due to having had a number of jobs since the treatment, usually my work colleagues will wait a while to get to know me before asking the inevitable "why do you shave your head?" question. Over the years I've got so used to answering this question and I usually say that it's because I like it. I've even been told by a couple of people to grow my hair so they can see what I look like. The frequent asking about why I shave my head can be annoying; however, this really is a testament to the treatment itself. If I was clearly bald with no sign of hair, then I can imagine these questions would not be asked due to the obvious. Therefore, it really is a positive to how natural and untraceable the treatment is. Have I bumped into anyone who has had the treatment? I bumped into one person in a Glasgow nightclub who had the treatment done and his looked perfect. We spotted each other instantly and it was such a funny experience because we both knew that we had the treatment and had a laugh about it. I have also spotted a few people in the street over the years and have been able to tell but only because I've been so used to looking at my own head. Closing thoughts? This is a great treatment, and I cannot speak any more highly of it. Some advice I will give is try and go for as natural a hairline (and side profiles) as possible. I did not need any treatment on my side profiles; therefore, it is really only my hairline and halfway up my head that has the treatment. By being as natural as possible, there will be less of a chance of being called out. And also, the shaving is a pain at times - especially when you're tired but it beats the alternative. Any questions, then ask away. Cheers
  8. question about the treatment

    hi all i have some questions regarding the treatment , i know they said you can't be in the sun after the treatment and can't shower on your head for like 3 days or more, so i was wondering because i work in a lab and all, so if i get the treatment done can i wear a bandana on my head with a hat on top of it so i can cover it while I'm working in the lab and out in public those days I'm getting the treatment done? or it will mess up the treatment and smear it all over my head ? just wondering and so i can be on the save side before i get it done because i know its first day then you wait 7 days and come back for the second treatment, so i was wondering if i can wear like a hat and bandana to cover my head while I'm out in public or in school. thank you very much for your responds
  9. around los angeles

    hello anyone willing to meet around los angeles area so i can see the amp in person plz msg me ( i can drive to you )
  10. Around los angeles

    Anyone that has this treatment done in LOS ANGELES or near there and wouldn/t mind meeting up with me or skyping over the internet please msg me. id like to see how this treatment looks like in person if possible .. l
  11. Any pics of recent work by polish mike any before after would be helpfully Thanks fellas
  12. Hi, Anyone in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Culver City or anywhere near those areas who's had SMP done willing to meet up so that I can see in person what it looks like? Msg me or write here and i will msg you Your help much appreciated. Thanks You
  13. los angeles

    i was wondering if any one in LOS ANGELES AREA THAT HAD THE PROCEDURE DONE? and can meet up with me for a little so i can see it in person ( i can drive to your area ) i really appreciate it thanks
  14. Is it possible to wet shave against the grain and still have the SMP treatment blend properly after the shave? I feel like after a wet shave against the grain your remaining follicles are basically gone for about 10 hour or so and the SMP treatment would stick out like a sore thumb being that the dots are larger... Anyone have experience with this? My treatment is set for this Friday. I came in for my consultation with about a day and a half of growth and explained to my practitioner that i generally wet shave against the grain every other day or so since that's what I'm most comfortable with. I understand that using an electric would leave a bit stubble, and i would def experiment with that option as well and mess around with both. Based on my day and half of growth, he mentioned that my hair did not grow in that fast and that i would easily be able to get away with 2 days of no shaving if needed. He said he would perform the treatment where it would match a fresh wet shave against the grain but also be able to stay for about 2 days. My only concern as mentioned above is that the dots from the SMP would really stick out right after a wet shave...Watcha say folks?
  15. Day after procedure

    From the album October 8th Procedure

    Day after procedure
  16. Hi all, I've followed this forum for some time now and have been contemplating SMP for a while. I have a fair bit of hair left on the top of my head but have receded significantly from my temples and am thinning from my crown. I'm of the mind to have something like this done ahead of the balding curve so that the transition isn't as noticeable. Besides my concerns of how this will look on me, I'm curious about how well light hair is matched with the SMP process. I'm looking for any and all advice on maintaining the most natural look possible, practitioners best with light pigments, etc. I am fine with keeping a mature hairline to look appropriate as I age, but would also like to be mindful of having a light density because I find SMP treatments that are too dense look more like shadowing than follicle illusion. I would be grateful for any insight, pics, advice, people can advise. Thanks
  17. Hello Everybody! I've been browsing these forums for quite some time now and what i've seen and read so far, really put the hook in me. I'm more than intrigued by the thought of a permanent sollution to hairloss, namely SMP. I've even had a short E-Mail consultation with ####, who was super friendly and informative and gave me good info and the possible cost of a treatment. I'm a 25 y/o male from Switzerland, and i have to count vanity as one of my sins. I've always been someone who likes to fight adversity, and hairloss is no different. Many People claim it is an uphill battle, which you are destined to lose. I agree to some extent. But seeing the results of some of my fellow posters is proof that you CAN win against silly genetics while looking young & fresh. In my attached pictures you can see that i have a mixture of diffuse hairloss and regular one (brighter spots at the back of my head). I've had a FUE Hair transplant done (hairline c.a 1200 follicels or something) with a great surgeon, virtually no scarring and good results. But i know that this is only temporary, and Finasteride will only hold back further hairloss for a limited ammount of time. But seriously, those hormone altering drugs are a pain in the behind and i hate taking them. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Also: I hate hair, i dont like the way it feels, i dont like the way it distracts from my sport. Now i like to ask any of you this: 1: How will my FUE factor in on getting an NATURAL looking SMP done? (I can't stress NATURAL enough, its the most important thing.. a Natural, jagged hairline and a natural brigthness, im REALLY affraid of blue dots on my head) 2: Can my FUE Hairline even be of some benefit to the SMP treatment? (i.e blending it in, or using it as a more realistic hairline?) 3: Or will it hinder a good outcome? 4: Has one of you a similar story to mine, or knows someone that does? I'm looking forward to your answers! Have a great day. -2limbo
  18. My SMP process

    Hi, I consider a SMP treatment on my bold head, also on my scars after a HT. I am attaching some photos (before treatment) and hopefully you guys can convince me. I have been in touch with Gothenburg and set up a time in august 14. My main concern is actually that I have to shave my head very short rest of my live, at least to make it look good. I think I look OK shaven but still, that is what I am thinking most about. Also, how will it look in 10-20 years? I am not so afraid of the quality of the treatment and if it hurts. Thats minor concerns. Any thougts about this?
  19. Hi guys, I'm considering getting the smp treatment from my local HIShair clinic in Birmingham and was wondering if anyone has been to the Birmingham office?i keep reading on this forum that Damon is the best guy you need to see in The London clinic if you want the best natural looking broken hair line and fading. I don't mind travelling to London if I have to for the best job but just need to know your thoughts and if it's worth me going there instead of staying at my local clinic in Birmingham. Thanks
  20. Anyone in Arizona?

    Hello everyone, has anyone from Arizona got the treatment yet and willing to meet up? Thanks
  21. Hello, I am wondering if anyone in San Francisco that has had SMP would be willing to meet up? I have looked at a whole bunch a photos & videos and I think seeing it in person is the next step. I can meet up most anywhere in the city. It can be quick on the street or if you have more time I can treat coffee or lunch. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  22. Thanks Matt and NYC Office!

    Hi gentlemen of the forum I wanted to come back to the forum and share about how my smp treatment is going. I live in bergen county NJ and finally made the jump two weeks ago. I finished my second session today with Matt in NYC and im friggin thrilled so far. First let me say, that i had heard so many great things about Matt's talent and artistry-my friend had gotten treatment from him over 2 yrsago, but now that i have recieved treastment i truly believe it. Guy is an absolute master and took a lot of time with me, especially on the first session. He also helped me design the hairline i always wanted, which was a sharpish rounded type look (it fits my face). Also, the NY team run by Matt and Graig is awesome. They take so much care and put out great work...i saw 2 guys on my visits who were finishing up and they looked like studs! Anyway i posted a pic post 2nd session, just to give an idea how its looking. Im a bit nervous about posting photos, i may post some after 2 weeks of settling. But i just wanted to share my story and let you know that you are in the best hands with Matt- or anyone in NYC. Best of luck guys, ill be happy to answere questions if you have any. -LF
  23. SMP with Total Cover Plus

    Hi all, I have had SMP for a few years now which has changed my life considerably. From reading the forum, many of you have used or currently use multiple techniques to cover hair loss. Like HIS, there are many other companies out there who are using other techniques to conceal hair loss - like Advanced Hair Studio and more recently Total Cover Plus according to research. From reading, they seem like glorified wigs with advantages such as being able to wash, sweat etc with them in your hair. I noticed Total Cover Plus are charging around 300 pounds per system which is then fitted and cut by a specialised stylist apparently lasting a recommended 7 weeks. My basic question being is anybody planning to use any of these types of methods in conjunction with HIS or even has anybody attempted this in the past? I have noticed people using SMP to enhance the look of hair transplants etc so I am curious to know if anybody has/is planning to do this. Cheers
  24. Hi, I am strongly considering SMP, but would love to see how it looks in person (on a person)
  25. The walk to the ring has begun and I simply view it as another chapter in my hair battle that has stretched from 1984 to present. I wore hair for over 25 years, was a transplant guinea pig three times, transitioned to lace hair "systems" and now I'm looking to take things in a whole different direction. Suffice it to say I have experienced all the varying emotions expressed by others on this forum and it all began when I left for military college in 1980 with a full head of thick hair! By my sophomore year my cystic acne was out of control on my back and I became one of the first US patients to take Accutane upon its approval. They prescribed it in very high doses for six months, which was certainly no fun with all the side effects! By the time graduation rolled around I had diffuse thinning throughout my head, which was one of the horrible Accutane side effects. Feeling utterly distraught to put it mildly, within a couple of years I was going for hair consultations because it was not at all fashionable to shave ones head at that time. Kojak was the only guy that could get away with that then and I did not want to be him! By 1987 I was wearing hair with some kind of archaic hook system. Even then I wanted to be able to take the animal off my head to shower and sleep and only wore it to bed when entertaining a female guest (or she was entertaining me)! I hated it from the start but we learned to live with each other. Amazingly the hair went undetected and I kept those vixen female guests at bay with the old PTSD story to not touch my head. I became a hair savant and even my future wife had no clue until I finally told her. I did learn a hard lesson about hair attachments while on my honeymoon when I made the fateful decision to body surf after a Bermuda hurricane. Who does that?!? I think you all know how that turned out!! Needless to say my new bride and I wound up combing the beach looking for a washed up rat. To this day I imagine it washing up on the beach somewhere scaring some unsuspecting kids! As I’ve mentioned I hated the hair and when I transitioned to a fully taped (I refused glue) hair system it made the whole process easier and when my suit came off it often came off! My collection of baseball hats is huge because that was/is my go to around my house, going to the gym, doing yard work and even going to family events when I did not feel like putting the hair on. My identity as an executive, Canali wearing suite guy, was completed with hair and that was all in my head! This thought process drove me to seek a way out of taped on hair which led me to the biggest hair mistake in my sordid hair tale! A sales guy at the hair clinic I frequented began working for a transplant surgeon. It was early in the era coming out of plugs and techniques were still being perfected for high yield strips. Three procedures later and I was left with a very recessed and fairly natural hairline, however, not near enough coverage and a lovely smiley face scar in the back of my head..ugh! This was in the late 90’s so I threw my hands up literally and continued to tape on my hair. Fast forward to today and I’m an open minded, tatted up, gym rat, reaching for a new solution to an old problem. A few months ago I took a clipper to my head and about a month later I wet shaved. The scar bothers me because it looks like a white stripe across the back of my head but I am comfortable with the shaved head. What totally sold me on SMP is when my girlfriend dotted the scar with an eyeliner (her idea) and in my eyes it nearly disappeared! I can’t thank forum members enough for answering my questions/concerns and telling their stories. BSB has become an awesome friend; who has guided me up to this day and not one person on this forum ignored my emails! The pics below show my front hairline, my mocked up broken hairline about 3/8 in front of my tp hair. Also my scar and a pic of the scar dotted with the eyeliner. The scar is skin color, completely flat and has been treated with Retin A. Keep in mind that this is a tale told by and idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.