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  1. Newbie: Will SMP work?

    Hi all, New to the group and looking to advice. I wondered whether those who are still in the process of balding could get SMP? I’ve attached an image of the top of my head facing a window. As you can see I have miniaturisation all over, but still have some sort of a hairline. This is 5 days growth (my hair grows annoyingly quick and the horseshoe part is also quite thick). I usually BIC my head right down and have done for 2 years now (I’m 31). I basically want to have a buzzed look with a complete hairline. After discovering SMP my missus filled in my hairline with her make-up (manliest evening of my life) but I really liked how it looked. I wasn’t sure however if SMP would be applicable to someone who is still losing their hair as I am. Would they do the whole head and allow my natural hair to grow through or just do it around the hair? Sorry if this question is stupid..