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  1. First post after finding this forum. I dont know whether to be upset or relieved after finding out im not the only one who has had issues at the Toronto location. Got 3 sessions done earlier this year (Feb/March) and its like you guys are telling my story for me. In my quote I was told each session would be 2.5 to 3 hours long. First session lasted maybe 1.5hrs, second session was about an hour, and the third session maybe 30 mins. Couldnt help but feel like the practioner was rushing every single time but i brushed it off and kept telling myself what do I know? He does this for a living. He did not listen to concerns, didnt lower my hairline to where i wanted it, kept saying lets see what it looks like after this session, and then we got to the third session and told me its too late now. Well why didn't you do it the last session when i asked you too then? So basically after 3 session im not close to being done, it looked meh a few days after the third session when the redness had gone away and the pigment was still fresh, and under IDEAL lighting conditions, but a week later it looked faded and theirs noticeable patches on my head, he clearly didnt use a dark enough pigment. Thats my horrendous experience during the treatment. On to the piss poor customer service post treatment, like you guys have experienced and shared, ive tried online chat, emails, and 3 phone calls over the past 2 months and not once have i gotten a response or call back. The online chat has been interesting, so i tried multiple times and the person on the other end just stops replying after i explain the situation. So then i pretended to be a different person inquring about getting SMP treatments, and the person was replying instantly, i took screenshots of both conversations as proof. So basically I was being ignored on purpose. Makes you wonder what kind of company are we really dealing with here. I too am out thousand of dollars and have an incomplete product on my head, anyone have any ideas on what we should do? Something tells me we aren't going to get these problems resolved anytime soon nor will His Hair make things right and issue refunds so we can atleast fix these problems somewhere else, have any of you contemplated calling your credit cards and explaining the situation and seeing if they would do a chargeback? Thats honestly a route im contemplating doing as i just want this nightmare dealt with.