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  1. Does anyone have any experience to share regarding fue dotted scars coverage with smp I have had 3000 plus grafts from one session 4 years ago I was stupid and went for it thinking I will have a head of hair again but it's far from it I have a restored hairline but there isn't a point of that if the top of your head is still.thinning bald.looks a bit stupid.to.be honest I want to get smp on the sides and back where my donor was taken from.and keep.it 0 guard as I have significant patchiness and especially below my crown there is a very noticeable.patch where the hair taken was not evenly done so. Up top I wouldn't mind getting the procedure but I am wary as to how it will match up I would need extensive treatment on the scars Would they all blend to the same appearance as the top sides and back as they are pretty much different canvases to be working on I am Asian and have slightly brown skin I'm not extremely dark or light. So if there any examples of anyone with the same.or similar issues please help me out as I want to put an end to just scrolling through peoples stories and not taking action myself
  2. SMP for multiple bad HT victim

    How much hair do you have on top. I know your scars are the problem.but do you have enough on top to feel confident enough?
  3. Hello, I have been surfing the smp forums for his for a while now Im 26 and I had a fue surgery done 4 years ago and tbh the results are not what I expected I was young and rushed to the first place I saw I had this done abroad I didnt know much about the procedure but I was so fixated on having hair I went for it without a second thought. They seemed to have harvested quite a lot of grafts from the back and sides of my head and in some places excessively than others. When I grow it out it doesn't look to bad but because of just behind my crown they took too many there seems to he a significant bald thinning patch which was never there before. I want to know how well smp will camouflage my scars. Will it look like shaven hair on the scars or look different to the rest of my sides of my scalp. I am really on the edge as to what to do. I have considered more fue but like I mentioned the donor was harvested in such a manner that taking more would.be an absolute disaster, if it isn't already. I am of Asian descent so I have relatively brown skin. From.what I have read this is more ideal than a caucasian skin colour but I still am wary because to be honest there aren't any real examples of Asian men on here who have had the procedure generally or even for FUE scars I could do with some.genuine advice from.someone who has a better idea of this sort of situation. I wouldn't mind getting my whole head done. I have a good hairline from the fue and near the crown but the middle of my head wasnt attended to in the procedure so this is the only area which causes me to believe my fue was not a success but I want to know if different areas will end up looking the same.once buzzed down. I'm not a fan of balding my.head but I wouldn't mind a 0 guard look. Will my fue scar area, along with the implanted area and my significantly thinned bald patch on the top all end up looking the same. If there is anyone on here that could help me out would be totally grateful as I feel extremely hopeless as to how to fight this problem and not end up regretting it. Sorry for the long essay but I haven't really been on forums before and this subject has become.more of an issue for me.