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  1. Haha oh man this was me as well in 3 out of 4 sessions, waiting outside a locked door for him to show up. For the last session it seemed like he was coming from home and i was the only client for that day, and he was seeming super inconvenienced by the fact that he had to come in to work at 4pm to do my touchup session which as i mentioned lasted no more than 20 min. Atleast theres some comfort in not having been alone in this terrible experience. It seems all of us trusted this tech due to the reputation of HIS, but it seems they havent done any kind of quality assurance on his work. Not fair to us who've sunk a lot of money into this and in my case for nothing as the treated areas are barely present on my scalp anymore. Truly does feel like were in limbo.
  2. Sadly a trip to the UK is not feasible at the present time although it would be amazing to get this done once and for all at a quality standard
  3. I guess that explains why he up and left so suddenly without any notice to HIS. Im sure its no surprise to anyone who was a client of his that he was miserable and unqualified and we suffered the consequences of it. I called them again today and there is no update other than that they are in the process of recruiting someone. My feeling is to pursue a refund and try to get my smp re-done either at a later time when HIS has a more qualified tech or see if there are other smp services around immediately.
  4. Dude, I could've literally wrote that myself!! My experience exactly. The subsequent sessions were extremely awkward and he definitely had a bunch of attitude which didn't help to ease any stress or pressure i was feeling at just wanting a quality finished look.
  5. I couldnt agree more, I've had like four essions, all quoted at a couple hours by HIS, and none of them with the previous practitioner lasted more than 30 minutes except for the initial first one. When id question the old practitioner on areas that were clearly less dense than others, he'd deny it and say "fine but it'll end up looking painted on" and not do it. I have tried calling his and thats how i got the understanding of their situation but its been hard to get responses beyond that. I guess best case right now is that they send someone over temporarily to fix up those of us who have subpar work done by the previous tech. Its a shame HIS never really implemented any quality assurance for the work of this previous tech and all we have to go on is our word.
  6. Super frustrating, they are not replying to emails, really want to just get a refund at this point and move on if theres no hope for the toronto clininc coming back anytime soon.
  7. Same here man, I thought it was just me but I'm glad I posted about it and there are others so that hopefully HIS does something to rectify it for us because I don't know about you but I paid wayyyyy too much for what I got.
  8. Yeah itd be great for them to send someone qualified over in the meantime to atleast take care of their existing clients here...
  9. Toronto location?

    They were slow getting back to me as well. Had to give a call and was informed that the practitioner suddenly left the company without notice and they are working towards bringing a new one on board and hence things are lagging behind in terms of responsiveness from admin. Hopefully there will be a resolution soon.
  10. They were slow getting back to me as i was looking to get my warranty touch up as it's been only 9 months since my last session and I have extreme fading over my head everywhere except the hairline which is way stronger than anywhere else done on my head. After two weeks of waiting, I was informed that the practitioner suddenly left the company without notice and they are working towards bringing a new one on board. I had a very poor experience with the previous practitioner, very rude, didn't listen well to my requests, was always rushed and condescending. So in a way I'm glad he has left and will hopefully be replaced soon with someone significantly more qualified and skilled. But now I am worried about the treatment I received as I paid a great deal of money for it only for it to have faded so much after such a short time, even though I have more remaining hair than a majority of treatments i've seen done on here. HIS has assured me that they will still honour my free one year warranty touchup whenever the new practitioner comes on board, but It's worrisome to have to wait for that unknown date as my expensive treatments have become virtually non-existent after such a short time when the promised time is much longer. I have taken extreme care of the treatment as advised, barely any direct sun exposure as Toronto has been grey gloomy for a long time. And yet still the poor results thanks to a dismissive practitioner who up and left suddenly. I've seen such great results from others on this site but I must say that my experience with the Toronto clinic has not been pleasant and I really hope HIS hair can help correct the situation. I really have had high hopes for this treatment being 24 and losing hair rapidly due to previous cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. I appreciate customer service re-assuring me that I will still get the free touch-up, but having to live with the poorly done and fading treatment until whenever that might be is upsetting and unfortunate to say the least. I have attached pictures for those who are interested. All light areas are my faded treatment, and the darker areas are my actual remaining hair. The practitioner did the hairline way more dense than anywhere else, hence the fading on top and the crown but a prominent hairline. I hope to correct this and soften the hairline during my warranty touch up. Just want to have this treatment done with so i can get on with life for a couple years and hope it holds up as promised this time..