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  1. Just an update so everyone is aware, they still have not reached out at all or acknowledged this one bit. Beware.
  2. sorry but this company is a scam, you even mention the toronto clinic and the issues toronto clients are facing they stop responding immediately. Complete BS. Zero acknowledgement of what happened, zero ownership of their fault in the issues with the sole canadian location and i'm sure several pissed off clients like myself who got a terrible SMP from Practitioner who's name started with S. Absolutely no effort on their part to rectify it for us via refund or through a free touch up with a more experienced technician. DO NOT use this company for your SMP, simply put. I understand they may have great practitioners in the UK etc.. But bottom line is if they're willing to scam customers like this in one country, they absolutely will do so in another. Can't even get a call or email back from them. Why even promise us the free one year warranty touch up session if you're going to absolutely ghost us?
  3. I'm glad that worked out for you but personally the cost of going all the way there plus having to then pay for the treatment to correct what they did incorrectly is not feasible for me. I just want a refund, I feel confident that with the money I get back that I can find another talented practitioner in the GTA if not a little further. It's a shame HIS wont help even if I call the Birmingham line to ask to speak to administration regarding a refund.
  4. That's great how were you able to organize that without the company being responsive whatsoever to the Canadian clients? I have continually been trying and same old BS. We definitely should not have to pay for that and I am hesitant to deal with this company ever again because if they can screw over clients in one country and take zero accountability for it, then they can surely do it in another. Like seriously not so much as an e-mail, message, phone call to address the situation for months on end is unjustifiable.
  5. Still haven't received any response... The person who answers the phone just keeps lying and saying she'll have someone reach out to me and no one ever calls or emails or anything. Does ANYONE have a suggestion as to how I can get in contact with admin of the company at all at this point? I can't believe they can be so scammy like this towards their clientele of an entire country.
  6. It just gets worse and worse and I'm sure the few of us on this forum discussing it are just a small sample size of the travesty the Toronto location has been in recent years. It's clear that HIS recognizes the problem, and based on their actions, or complete lack of to be more accurate, it seems they have no intentions of doing anything about it. It sucks because I'm sure I like many of you chose to go with HIS because they appeared trustworthy, but now they are intentionally ignoring us because of their mess up. I'm honestly shocked that the company as a whole is going about it this way. Sure one bad practitioner I understand, but the company at large behaving in this manner is appalling. I too am prepared to pursue chargeback from my credit card company if HIS continues to not respond, although it's been nearly a year since my first session I'm not sure how likely it will be that it's granted. Please do let us know if you hear anything. Sounds like we're all on this same boat and HIS is making zero effort to acknowledge it.
  7. Still nothing. I can't fathom why they're being so unprofessional across the entire company. Does ANYONE know how to get in contact? Ive emailed, called, whatsapped, site chat, messaging on this forum, everything and theyve 100% ghosted.
  8. I've tried just about every avenue they have available of contacting them and absolutely nothing in response...
  9. Same here, still absolutely zero response and the run-around from whoever answers the Canadian line. This is absolutely ridiculous and scammy. I honestly just was a refund at this point and feel hesitant to deal with HIS again. Cant even get a call back or message from anyone in UK.
  10. I've asked the woman who answers the phone for the canada line is theres any other number i can call or someone more senior to speak to and she says no she can only pass on my message, of course there's no response on the live chat as well...
  11. Its getting to be absurd now, I've called 4x in the past 4 weeks only each time to hear "I'll pass your message along" and receive no contact whatsoever. This is straight up horrible horrible customer service and is 100% making me regret my decision to go with HIS. I thought okay maybe just one bad practitioner. But there's clearly something wrong at the admin level if they cant even get someone to pick up the phone and take care of EXISTING clients at the very least. Now i have both a bad smp job and also a company that fails to even pick up the phone or email to correct the situation.
  12. Haha oh man this was me as well in 3 out of 4 sessions, waiting outside a locked door for him to show up. For the last session it seemed like he was coming from home and i was the only client for that day, and he was seeming super inconvenienced by the fact that he had to come in to work at 4pm to do my touchup session which as i mentioned lasted no more than 20 min. Atleast theres some comfort in not having been alone in this terrible experience. It seems all of us trusted this tech due to the reputation of HIS, but it seems they havent done any kind of quality assurance on his work. Not fair to us who've sunk a lot of money into this and in my case for nothing as the treated areas are barely present on my scalp anymore. Truly does feel like were in limbo.
  13. Sadly a trip to the UK is not feasible at the present time although it would be amazing to get this done once and for all at a quality standard
  14. I guess that explains why he up and left so suddenly without any notice to HIS. Im sure its no surprise to anyone who was a client of his that he was miserable and unqualified and we suffered the consequences of it. I called them again today and there is no update other than that they are in the process of recruiting someone. My feeling is to pursue a refund and try to get my smp re-done either at a later time when HIS has a more qualified tech or see if there are other smp services around immediately.