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  1. Hello everyone. So I had three sessions done years ago, must’ve been three years ago by now. It’s been great but I’m ready for the forth session, I just want darker, got good coverage, just want darker. But that’s not why I need your help. So his hair is partnered with Bosley now? Interesting. I called and wanted to schedule my fourth session with Mike in Chicago and all of the sudden this woman on the phone is telling me she doesn’t know who mike is and I have to set a consultation appointment with a doctor before I can even have a procedure done. Sigh. So what’s changed? Is pricing any different these days? I was cool with the $800 for my fourth, but knowing Bosley is involved, I have this feeling it’s going to be more. Have people had good experiences in Chicago since this merger? I’m reluctant to have some doctor tat me up as opposed to a tattoo artist you know what I mean.