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    Hi all, i've been looking through the forum for a while on and off, I have had a previous FUE hair transplant of 2500 grafts. Which right now looks ok when i style my hair but I am starting to worry slightly about the future as I am still only 28 and I don't know what the future will hold for my hair loss, I think it will be a while until im completely bald if it gets that far but I am thinning out and thinking I would probably prefer to shave my hair if it comes to it in the future rather than continue with the hair transplants. 
    At the moment i can just about get away with a 7mm buzz cut on the donor area without the scarring being too noticeable but I would like the option to completely buzz it off with a no guard if possible.
    I have had a search on here for images of FUE scar coverage but I can't seem to find many examples, not sure if i'm searching for the wrong thing..
    Any examples or an idea of what could be done would be helpful.
    Thanks.. Ben