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  1. Smp just for camouflage FUE

    Hi there, Thinking of getting smp but only to mask scars, will not being going onto the crown at all and will only do scar cover on the horse shoe area for a natural look. Any my thoughts on this? Is this realistic? I am 25 and worried about how aging turns hair grey and my balding isn’t finished yet. I don’t want anything too drastic or to paint outside the lines of the scars at all. I hope that this will be my solution. pics attached
  2. Yeah that probably can’t be done, when people have fair hair like yours. Not just fair but white, when shaved it looks like nothing is there. So smp will not be possible. You shouldn’t want it though as your hair looks fine as is. As to cobblestoning it so minimal you can not even see it. Leave it as is. In my opinion. not a technician in any way.
  3. 1 point vs 3 point needle difference?

    It is believed that 3 point needle though giving a bigger dot will stay for longer as the single point will fade quicker as the amount of pigment may be quickly flushed out by your immune system. Be careful either way smp is not perfect.
  4. Smp and regular tattoo

    Hi I am worried about poor results or being unhappy with results as I have scars and smp can be very difficult on these areas. Should smp fail and leave me unhappy with it. I will wish to get a regular tattoo over my scars instead. Will smp pigments have an effect when mixed with regular ink?
  5. FUE scar camouflage with light brown hair

    Hi ever the optimistic i am in the same boat, HBK has a good diary\forum post and there’s is a video of Glenn (I believe anyway) in the video section who had plug scars that look good now. Needhair is another good story and he doesn’t post anymore meaning he’s off not caring which is nice.
  6. Hi I’m a new poster i want to get smp done but only as scar camouflage and leave the rest of my head as bald as it is. Everything as natural as possible. So just the horse shoe will be done after I was wrecked by Turkey fue procedure. Will post pictures some of dots are large but many hopefully small enough to cover with a dot. one part of my plan is to just do the small dots and then hopefully everything will be at a level I find acceptable and go leave house without a hat on confortably.