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  1. FUE scar camouflage with light brown hair

    Hi mate, I've only just seen your reply on here. Are you still about on the forum? have you had anything done yet? I'm still searching myself. I had a look at those posts you recommended they are good results.
  2. Good vs bad SMP What to look for?

    Hi all, so I've been researching SMP for a while and have contacted a few clinics to show them my situation and get quotes etc (I have fue scars i want to possibly camouflage) anyway I keep coming across this problem when I am searching through photos some results look great and makes me feel enthusiastic about the treatment and the little dots of pigment look just like tiny hairs but then I come across another photo and it looks like a little blob of pigment, which doesnt look anything like a hair to me.. almost like its been done with a biro pen. Can someone tell me what the deal is, why do some of the treatment photos look like little blobs and others look very sharp and much more like a closely shaved hair would? are the ones with blobby looks bad treatment or has it just not settled or something? I am quite picky about this and the difference between the two would make a huge difference to me I want something that looks realistic if I go down this route. Hopefully you know what I mean otherwise ill try and find some examples
  3. Hi all, i've been looking through the forum for a while on and off, I have had a previous FUE hair transplant of 2500 grafts. Which right now looks ok when i style my hair but I am starting to worry slightly about the future as I am still only 28 and I don't know what the future will hold for my hair loss, I think it will be a while until im completely bald if it gets that far but I am thinning out and thinking I would probably prefer to shave my hair if it comes to it in the future rather than continue with the hair transplants. At the moment i can just about get away with a 7mm buzz cut on the donor area without the scarring being too noticeable but I would like the option to completely buzz it off with a no guard if possible. I have had a search on here for images of FUE scar coverage but I can't seem to find many examples, not sure if i'm searching for the wrong thing.. Any examples or an idea of what could be done would be helpful. Thanks.. Ben