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  1. How close do I need to shave before getting my 1st SMP session? Would a 1 guard be ok (3mm) ? Would the smp still look realistic at this length or should I go as close as possible? shaving head with a razer?
  2. SMP Laser Removal

    Can I ask why you want to get it removed ?
  3. I've visited a SMP clinic that states they use a 1 point needle for SMP. Other SMP clinics that I've visited stated they used a 3 point needle. What is the difference? Is a 3 point needle for SMP the standard among most SMP clinics ? Does 3 point needle allow the pigment to last longer in the scalp as opposed to 1 point ? Any help appreciated.
  4. 1 point vs 3 point needle difference?

    anyone? or is 3 point and 1 point needle the same ?
  5. I've been to a few SMP clinic consultations and some clinics use a 3 point needle while others use a 1 point needle. The ones using a 1 point needle say that it more accurately matches your existing hair follicles. But i wanted to ask over here, what is the difference between a 1 point and 3 point needle ?