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  1. I work for a state agency in the public sector and unfortunately will only have about a week worth of vacation time to take in the next 12 months (non negotiable). I can’t wear a hat at work. I’d be going from hair system to SMP so the transition could certainly be worse, but I’m concerned about timing this properly with the limited days off that I currently have. I’m a NW6 and will likely need 3 sessions, but could always schedule my 3rd for a month or so later, as I know that’s typically recommended anyway. Any advice / shared experiences would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I’m a 32M who has been wearing hair systems for the past 5 years. NW6. Long story short, I’m ready to throw these things in the trash, but can’t imagine making this transition without SMP to atleast make it look like I shaved my head down. I would be more than happy with having the crown filled in to blend with the horseshoe pattern, and some extremely conservative and feathered temple points, but no hairline. Yes, I’m aware that a hairline would enhance the look, but that would likely be a bit much for me. Has anyone had this done before? Essentially diffuse SMP. I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible, but wanted to check. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks