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  1. Spots!!!!

    Hi guys im 2 weeks post 2nd session and all be it a little fading and a tweak here or there im really happy with my smp. But i cant get rid of these spots. I used my philips oneblade which didnt work and the last two times ive used shaving foam and a razor. Although i love the feel of the fresh clean shaven head the spots that i get with it is getting me down. Please guys any advice on this.
  2. Worry

    Thanks guys i feel at ease now. Im really liking the shaven look now aftwr wearing a systems for a few years. Cant wait for another session in 5 weeks time. Ive been using the one blade which ive used for some time on my beard but i seem to be getting a rash off it so ill look at the shavers youve recomended.
  3. Worry

    Hi guys. Just a few things im worrying about or am i worrying over nothing? First session went great didnt lose to many dots and felt really confident. Its been a week now since my second session and i can see the contrast beween where the smp has been done and my hair. It doesnt look like the same colour to me. Am i being prematuer and does it still need time? I trust the guy whos doing it but at the moment i dont feel confident going out without a hat on. Also wondered what the best electric shaver is to use thats not to expensive without giving you spots as at the moment im struggling with them on the sides which ive never had before. Thanks