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    Taurykent reacted to mrman89 in SMP removal   
    I did want to remove all of what was there but when I checked it with the staff there wasnt much on my head to be honest because when I got the SMP done originally i didn't have as much hair loss so I think it was blended, the only smp that is clearly visible on my head is the hairline and the bald spot on the back of my head,
    i didnt opt for just getting the hairline softened I am getting the hairline completely removed as it stands out and you can see that it's clearly not my hair, I'm hoping that it will all fade out from this 1 session but if it doesn't then I will have to go for a 2nd one in December, I'm not so bothered about the SMP in the bald spot at the back of my head but I will probably get it done at a later time 
    In regards to the blending issues I thought the hairline was lighter than the colour of the remaning hair on my head shaved but when I went in for the laser removal one of the staff I was speaking to said it was actually darker than the remaining hair on my head shaved, not sure how that works out but that's what she said
    But overall I'm just happy to be getting it removed and moving on with my life and be mentally free and not always wondering if people can tell wether my hair is fake or not
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    Taurykent reacted to mrman89 in SMP removal   
    I went for laser removal yesterday and got the laser removal done on my hairline. I thought it would be good for me to share the experience as it would be greedy to keep it to myself as other may want to know.
    It was pretty painful to be honest, it's more painful than getting the SMP done, but it's pretty quick, It took about 2 minutes to do the hairline, so I can imagine the whole head would probably take like half an hour because you will be taking breaks in between as it does get quite painful,
    After I got the laser removal done on the smp hairline my head had a throbbing sensation afterwards but the throbbing didn't last for more than an hour or 2, and I didn't experience any redness of the skin or swelling or tight forehead skin or anything like that. maybe it's because I'm black that but I don't know for sure.
    You couldn't even notice I had the laser removal done as it still looked the same just a throbbing sensation in the area.i was told it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for the smp to go through the process of removing itself.
    I took a shower after 32 hours after instead of 24 hours just to make sure everything was cool because I didn't experience none of the symptoms that other people said they faced when they got it done (tight skin, swollen skin, red skin etc). It's only been a day and a half so I guess it's early to say, I will be back in 2 weeks to let you know the progress of the SMP removing itself from my skin
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    Taurykent reacted to mrman89 in SMP removal   
    My reason is because it's been four years since I got my treatment and the ink has faded over the period of time so it doesn't always show depending on the lighting of the room. It is also not blending as well anymore since it's faded and also having more hair loss at the top of my head makes it not to blend even more. I can't be bothered to keep getting touch-ups and paying more money. I am in my late 20s now and I am alot more self-secure about being bald, and have more important things to think about.
    It was hard to come to terms with before because I been balding since my late teens but I realised there are much more important things than my hair.
    I think the treatment was good for helping me come to terms with being bald so I wouldn't change a thing to be honest.
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    Taurykent reacted to Wasabear in Removal process for SMP   
    Well that is what I am thinking of doing. At the very least leaving things as is vs completing my treatment. I know people will say I only got the “template” but at least that willl fade quickly vs having them fill everything in which will take much longer to remove.
    I just hope it won’t look too off in the meantime  
    The main thing in my case (won’t speak for others since it looks like many people have had great results and are happy with it) is that for me it’s about self-acceptance and getting over my issues vs trying to cover them up. Unfortunately it took getting SMP to realize this for me. But it was as like as soon as I got the  procedure a light went off in my head  and I said to myself  “hey this just isn’t worth it”