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  1. Cheap scalp shavers

    Hello, I'm thinking to buy a scalp shaver with 5 heads and I have seen a lot of cheap ones online, especially on ebay, they cost from £15 / $20. Has anyone bought one of them? Any good? I'm undecided if I should invest on the much expensive Pitbull shaver. Thanks in advance to whoever replies. SM
  2. Advice on anti shine

    Thank you baldy-locks!
  3. Advice on anti shine

    Hello, I had SMP over a year ago and I have been using the Head Blade moisturizing lotion to reduce the shine. Now, because this lotion didn't work I have decided to try the milk of magnesia. Can I still use the Head Blade in combination with MOM? ideally I would like to just finish the bottle and use it as moisturizer. If yes, when? I always shave in the evening before going to sleep. Thanks in advance to whoever replies.