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  1. Man, you're just looking at it dead wrong..
  2. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Yeah, I can clearly see it now, looking from the back, the treated area on top of my head is way too dark compared to the (natural) area below. Although there is a bright whitish toilet cabin light at my head level, it should, of course, all appear as the same shade...
  3. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Ok some update to the topic. After the 3rd session, I've noticed that they (HIS) like to go dark, what is good under certain lightning conditions. That is, when you have a bright (whitish) lightning on top of you. This makes the treated area lighter and it will match the sides and back. However, what follows is, when you have lightning in front of you (like a mirrored cabinet lights in a toilet), the SMP will appear quite dark compared to the sides. Actually it looks pretty bad, from the back it looks like you have painted your scalp blackish....I'm still researching how it performs under yellowish lightning on top of you, maybe not so well. It might be that HIS London went too dark, even though I asked for a natural pigment from the start and questioned the hue several times after. But I'm not sure yet, have to check back after some weeks. Also, I must warn you, HIS Clinic will not provide you any close up pics for the hairline styling options (they just tell you check our website). This is pretty bad, because ink is quite permanent solution and one would want to see the options beforehand, where to pick your favorite from. Anyway, I'm relieved to discover, that this thing looks good on me, at least under bright whitish lightning on top of me...I was already thinking about the laser removal, whether it would work out and so on...
  4. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Thanks for the comments. I don't know if I've been given enough information about how this process develops, because now I'm just thinking all the what if's, what might have gone wrong etc looks dark and it has been the same at least a month natural pigment is brownish so maybe perfect uniform look is impossible to achieve with black inks...although in the gallery videos the guys look absolutely flawless (however in the after-look the lightning is different), that's what I want too!
  5. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Hi, it has been about 2 months after my second SMP session at the HIS London. I would like to hear honest opinions, is the SMP colour a bit too dark if I want to look natural? I know more sessions are needed but I'm not sure about the shade of the colour. I would like it to look all if you look from certain angles, like the one in the photo, it just looks like black ink on top of my head... Cheers, J_M