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  1. By far the worst business operation I came across. These guys have kept everything centralized in the UK and for Canada(Toronto) office I first went through a horrible experience of a 100% fading after 2 sessions(where I was told a third one is not required) and now these guys have zero customer service available. I have called more than 5 times over a period of 2 weeks and everytime some third party call taking company tells me that we will send a note and someone will call back but no call back at all. When these guys had to take money, they would call me even twice a day due to different time zones but now they simply won't call back. In one email reply weeks ago they asked me to send pictures which I did and there has been no response since. The guy in Toronto sits alone at the office with no phone numbers to call and after emailing him he suggests a third chargeable session without even discussing what went wrong with two sessions. I don't know how good they are outside Canada but here in Toronto, I went through the worst customer service experience and of course the most expensive one. After repetitive tries of getting in touch to discuss the issue, I had asked for a full refund but not so surprisingly there is no response to that either. Leaving a client so helpless is the worst experience any business could provide. I have been forced to escalate the matter and file a consumer complaint based on this horrible experience in Toronto. I would encourage people in Canada at least to think twice before putting their hard earned money in HIS hair clinics' pockets.
  2. Worst Experience dealing with HIS

    My friend they have replied to me numerous times till my second session, like the next day always but since the whole issue they simply won't reply back and trust me this is happening with me and I am from Toronto here in Canada.