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  1. FUE on SMP

    Has anyone had a reply from ed?
  2. SMP progress

    completely agree
  3. FUE on SMP

    i thought the same
  4. FUE on SMP

    its ok, im trying to speak with ed directly but he hasnt gotten back to me since before xmas
  5. 100% fading session 1

    my first session faded hugely too, very underwhelming. Second, third fourth and fifth all saw improvements as i faded a lot too
  6. FUE on SMP

    Thanks mate i appreciate your input. Truth is I went to a couple FUE transplant consultations and had dates locked in and no one mentioned poor doner area to me then. But i backed out and opted for SMP. Now I have come to learn after extensive research that there are 1 or 2 surgeons in Europe who are highly respected and achieve great results and still charge far less than the UK. And the surgeons most of the work, its not all technicians doing it under little supervision, although these do exist and are popular. I am not convinced it is the right choice, or if laser is a better option to grow out my existing hair again like before which hides it completely, but i feel the laser route will be harder
  7. FUE on SMP

    no I understand and can appreciate that, but in times of distress or when SMP does not work out, instead of reassurance that there may be things available that can help that can be very successful etc (ie, FUE), the response only highlights negative aspects of the treatments which in turn leaves me feeling trapped in my SMP. Something I hope you can understand.
  8. FUE on SMP

    I can appreciate that. But there are cheap clinics who let technicians do the work and there are other surgeries where the doctor is approved globally and undertakes all the work. These are still relatively cheap compared to UK prices. Around 1.25 euros per graft. I explained this to my practitioner and he tried to slander fue and it made me feel trapped in my SMP. im surprised you would come at it from this angle too Ed as you are trying to make out as if FUE is destined for failure but top surgeons have a 99% success rate ? I am not trying to slander SMP, but in the scenarios where SMP doesnt work out, its surprising that you act as if alternatives to help are a dead end
  9. FUE on SMP

    In Turkey there are some great Surgeons for around 4 grand for 3000 grafts. I dont feel i have ever receded and my hair is thick so I think I could be a good candidate. I don't really have the money lying around, but i can take a small loan and afford to pay it back even though its not ideal. but yeah my hairline is almost identical to silva's. would be thrilled with his results although seems like it took an awful long time for him
  10. FUE on SMP

    Hi, I dont believe I can do so as I haven't posted enough but I am happy to. My SMP is of good quality, I think my practitioner did a good job. I was just unfortunate I faded so much. If im being honest I would definitely have to go back if I wasnt planning on getting FUE but now i dont see the point. I just think that under certain lighting, SMP reflects light far more than an area of hair even shaved to the bone. I often notice my old hairline in reflections so mainly wear hats
  11. FUE on SMP

    I am aware I have had a few posts removed as I have not been able to confirm my identity with Ed. (btw is this normal? I wasn't aware we had to confirm identity) I am happy to do this in private but I am awaiting response. In brief, I am getting an FUE done in Europe to cover my SMP and was wondering if anyone else has undergone something similar? I am a young male, under 25, and am a norwood 3. High hairline but never really receded. Always wore my hair long so no one ever knew. I got quoted 3 sessions with HIS, had them all with recommended spacing and got a fourth 2 months later due to fading, and then paid for a fifth within 5 months of the original which I was charged for. I am not saying the SMP is bad, but I have been called out numerous times and cannot leave the house without a hat now. FUE is my only option, any similar experiences? GA
  12. Advice needed

    So, I have had some posts removed. My intention is not to get banned. I am just seeking to share my experiences. I am happy to verify identity but am awaiting response from Ed. Short and sweet, I had SMP and now want FUE. Any experiences?