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  1. Hi I had my 3rd session in December in Birmingham with Ranbir and Ian.I wish I had the before pictures but the practitioner who carried out my 1st and 2nd session treatment is no longer working for the company. My 3rd treatment has now settled.These are my treatments so far:12.02.2018 1 session 19.02.2018 2 session 13.12.2018 3 session I was very nervous before my first session because I was afraid that the SMP would not look real. That fear went away at my first meeting in the clinic when I met a staff member who had done the treatment and it looked so good that if he had not told me that he had done SMP then I would not have known. Even when looking up close I could not see the border separating his own hair and the SMP. And now I feel lucky to be in the same situation. I'm very happy with the result. I love swimming , and I've heard that this can make it fade , but I'll just try it and if it fades then I'll take a refresh later in 2019. However after your SMP I've heard that you should wait at least one month before entering a swimming pool. I think it's the chlorine that can be bad for the color. Thanks to Ranbir and Ian for being cutting-edge professional
  2. That looks amazing , I bet Danny is proud as well
  3. Any Recommendations

    Great if you could give us an update on this. I waited 6 months after my 2nd session until I did my 3rd and I could see that after about 5 months the hairline that I thought was too strong in the beginning looked much more natural after it settled. I think it varies from person to person how much it will fade / change before it settles and how long that will take.
  4. Hi, can you post your pics? As for the shaver I have used this rotary shaver for 10 months now and I would recommend it. Model: REMINGTON R95 I would wait at least one month more to see how it settles. I was in the same situation as you after my 2nd session but then after about one month the smp looked perfect, and after about 3 months it had faded a bit and I could see that I would need another session to make it perfect again. I think it's individual how the smp settles, and how long it takes. Here are my pics one week after the 3rd session. I'm gonna wait a couple of months and see how it's settled. I'm very happy with how it looks right now
  5. Yes, would be great if you could update on your situation. I had my session 1 and 2 close together and then waited 6 months before I had my session 3.