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  1. Another obvious astroturfer. 3 comments, all in my threads. The irony of "you" questioning my agenda is killing me.
  2. Again, looks like the ladies prefer "bald" (by a slim margin), while the gents think you need a hairline. Related:
  3. If anyone wants to SMP Trump or Bezos in Photoshop, I can run an opinion poll with them.
  4. Probably true, but this applies to both shaved and SMP. Fascinating though, that male and female opinion is so different, isn't it:
  5. I think he's much younger than the guy in the OP. I don't see any other pics of him.
  6. DIY SMP?

    Obvious astroturfing is obvious. Try to be more subtle-like next time.
  7. I picked a guy who looked similar to me (eye color, skin color, face shape). This guy actually had SMP, but I didn't mention it in the question, which was simply a shaved head vs slightly more grown-out hair. To my surprise, guys overwhelmingly preferred to see some hairline, while women thought the clean-shaven version looked better (pink vs blue). One woman commented that this guy's face shape was relevant (wide), which I don't quite understand, but since mine's similar in shape, it doesn't matter to me. Again, they did not even know this was SMP! If SMP gives you more self-confidence, I guess it's your call, but think twice before doing it for the ladies (especially if you look like this guy).
  8. 60 vs 55 would be my guess, but perceived age isn't everything
  9. "Impostor" means someone pretending to be someone else. I'm not pretending to be anyone. I'm anonymous.
  10. DIY SMP?

    This sounds like yet another zero-information post where you try to make up for lack of content with rudeness and loudness. So do you know anything about SMP other than how to sit in a chair? What specific failures in my plan (posted in detail above) do you see? If you had started slowly (with a few dots), as I proposed, you would have noticed any allergic reactions early on. One could even argue that your being covered in "leopard spots" was due to NOT going the DIY route.
  11. To me, one looks like a regular bald guy. The other screams "inmate". What do you think?
  12. Adele’s Bodyguard Rocking SMP!!!

    Maybe this guy just isn't that hot. Some PR firm (1) probably leaned on the media to write about him, but it ended there. (1)
  13. DIY SMP?

    A lot of potential issues (ink turning blue, allergies, etc.) are common between SMP and microblading. And microblading is a much more mainstream thing. Anyway, I'm probably not going to get SMP due to the problem I mentioned (stubble invisible unless long enough to be felt). So obsessing over whether I could do it myself doesn't seem useful ATM. I just wanted to know if others had done it.
  14. OP, I'd try to find someone who looks your age, bf% and complexion who's had SMP and see what you and other people think about it. IMHO the only people who pull it off are super-lean or have facial hair. This is necessary, but not sufficient. If you are lean, but have not beard, you need to have a particular jaw shape to pull off the shaved-head look.