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  1. Wow, just had my second session and what a world of difference in how my SMP looks from the first sesh. During my first one my practitioner went super light, describing it as a “dusting”. It was basically to the point where I could barely notice a difference looking in the mirror. I had no qualms since research and my practioner both reassured me that it’s not till after the 2nd visit that you really notice a difference in appearance. So, I’m by no means displeased with the results I see 12 hrs after going in for round two, I’m just hoping to lean on you guys to calm a few concerns. I remeber after the first sesh I was worried about how dark the pigments came out and also how large they seemed compared to what was left of my natural follicles. That being said, I’m hoping I shouldn’t put too much stock into the same thing considering I remember how quickly the super black ink faded down to match my natural hair color and hair follicle size. It’s just much harder to avoid looking in the mirror and obsessing over the SMP looking natural and hoping it wasn’t messed up by the needle being pushed down too hard... Anyway, I just wanted to share some before and after photos to see what you guys think? Am I just adjusting to the SMP mentally, or did my guy not do too great a job? For clarity, I separated the photos in groups of 2-3 starting with before/after 1st/after 2nd (12 hours). I’m going in for my final session in a week and was wondering what there could be left to finish with the density seeming quite thick as is? Finally, my practitioner gave me the subtle, natural hairline I requested, but now I’m thinking it my look a bit better if it was just a little sharper? Anyone know if this can be done between session 2 and 3, or is it too late? And if anyone has any thoughts on whether I should go sharper on the hairline (if possible)? Any help/advice/comments/questions/or responses in general are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to everyone!