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  1. So it's an edgy sunscreen basically?
  2. DIY SMP?

    10 year ago? What does your scalp look like now and how many sessions have you had done after the first treatment?
  3. Nobody cares. People usually are not that insecure that they look for outside opinions and they can decide things for themselves. Maybe you should do the same and stop looking for approval. If you are trying to get better with girls then confidence is a hundred time more important than your scalp.
  4. Yes a bald friendly grandfather not someone they want to have sex with. First one got 3 votes from girls and the second one 4 votes. You really need to get back to school. These "statistics" are not relevant at all. Btw what's wrong with looking like an inmate? Girls love bad boys.
  5. Obviously all of the would look better with a light hairline. Shiny bowling ball look with an infinite forehead doesn't look good on anyone. Kelly Slater looks like a young guy but the missing hair adds a good 15 years. I'd even say the missing hairline ruins his aesthetics. He's very handsome but a hairline would make him look healthy/young and add at least 3 points to his looks.
  6. Do you realise only 6 people voted for the second one? Everyone looks better with a hairline that shows where the face ends. No exceptions.
  7. I started shaving quite early when I noticed thinning during my mid-twenties so I've had a few people ask me that even without SMP. They usually said something like "why don't you grow your hair out a bit, it would look cool" etc. Now I've receded so much that nobody even asks anymore. Actually a woman did ask why I shave but I think she was just "testing" me. The answer is who cares. As a man you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. In fact doing so, in my opinion, shows weakness.
  8. 3 session in 2 weeks?

    I've read about people getting 3 sessions done in a short period of time. 2 weeks for example. That sounds ideal for someone like me who has to fly to another country to get it done. Would this cause any issues or unpredictable results? I've seen threads here where people complain about their SMP getting lighter after a month or two and only then getting another session to fix it. Is it possible to get it done well in two weeks?
  9. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    Just wondering how it works. Do you pay a fixed sum and they keep working on it until it's perfect?
  10. 2 or 3 days after shaving. This or the previous photo is the ideal look I would like to maintain + SMP. Anyone? Nobody has an opinion on this? If SMP was done to match this look or the previous 1 day after shaving look, wouldn't it look bad if I shaved it? What's the solution here?
  11. First photo is 6 hours after electric shave with braun series 7 and second is 1 day after shave. Ideally I'd want my SMP to match my hair at least 1 days (even better 2 or 3) after shave because you almost can't see anything right after shaving due to my darker skin tone. How to go about this? Would I have to buzz my hair again in order to have visible SMP? No more shaving? What happens when I decide to shave it? Wouldn't the darker dots look ridiculous on the top? I don't understand what's the best solution in my case. If SMP were to match my hair right after shave and I'd have to shave daily I'd still look like a bowling ball.