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  1. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Sounds like you are going through the same thought process as I was - including the 'it's too light' feeling post-SMP. I still think mine looks a bit too light but I intend to have a third session to add more density and maybe go very slighlty darker. I do think part of the problem is my very white scalp due to long term concealer use. I'm hoping it will darken a bit with (controlled) sun exposure over the summer - which is why I'm thinking about leaving the third session until autumn. I didn't mention the scar although it does appear to be a bit darker than the surrounding skin. I do agree with a previous poster who said it's visible anyway.
  2. Should I or shouldn't I?

    I've been following this thread but haven't commented, but as comments have been few I'll go for it Your situ is *very slightly* reminiscent of where I was pre-SMP. Albeit I hadn't had a HT, but had a very thin head of hair camouflaged with copious amounts of concealer. Although perhaps not quite as rough looking as your first pics, I reckon my hair wasn't looking too good towards the end, just before I had SMP. My wife was commenting about it too. I realised it was time to make the choice between shaved/bald or shaved/SMP - continuing the way I was was no longer a viable option. To be honest it looks like you were in a similar situ before you shaved. In my opinion your buzzed off + SMP looks about a million times better than the first pics. I realise this is a very personal thing and the shaved look is more difficult for some guys to get used to than others. I'm therefore conscious that it's a choice you have to make and be comfortable with, but if it was me I *definitely* wouldn't be entertaining growing that back! My biggest concern with having SMP was getting used to the shaved look. But I've got used to it quickly and actually really like it - to the point where I sometimes think this is better than having a full head of hair! It's worth at least giving it a bit more time. Hope that helps a bit!
  3. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Sold a pup Vichy Capital Soleil is a no-go, contains alcohol denat. That's what I get for taking info from their US website.... shame since it is the largest tube and cost much the same as the other products. At least some Vichy Ideal Soleil products also seem to have alcohol denat, so I think unless I can hold the product in my hand prior to purchase, I'll give Vichy products a miss. The Avene SPF30 seems fine though, anythng ending in -ol is well down the list of ingredients. The Avene SPF50 is on back order but will hopefully be similar. Looks like a warm sunny Easter coming up, first chance to try these possibly
  4. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Well after some more research I just ordered the following from Escentual: The Vichy Capital Soleil product seem to be the one that is "alcohol-free"; the Ideal Soleil equivalent contains Alcohol Denat according to the Vichy website. The Avene products look interesting too and are also free of ethanol and Alcohol Denat. As indicated above, all sunscreens seem to contain ingredients that are some sort of alcohols, but the concensus on the forum seems to be that these are less damaging and are further down the list of ingredients, so the risk to SMP should be very low (much lower than not using sunscreen at all). I wanted a mix of SPF 30 and 50 since I want to slowly tan my white scalp in a controlled manner..... Will try these over the summer and see how I get on.
  5. No scrubbing or alcohol on head ?

    As I look into sunscreens, which are recommended by HIS but all or almost all of which seem to be full of alcohols, I'd also like to understand this. Anyone?
  6. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Hope you're right. All of the products mentioned above, as well as the others I've looked at, are full of alcohols and other chemicals. Including the body shop one that claims " No added fragrance, colour or alcohol " but you have to click "All ingredients" after which the same list of chemicals is revealed
  7. Yea guess I had to get there myself ;-) It's best in the middle of the day but definitely still a daily routine. Also not sure the little Braun is going to hack it long term. Edit: The Series 3 is much better and much quicker.
  8. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Fantastic, haven't looked back. Sounds like you are in a very similar situ to me, my scalp hasn't seen the sun in a decade either! I couldn't expose it before having SMP since my "it was thinning so I shaved it" story would have been shot to pieces. So now I have a slightly more pale scalp compared to my face. It's not bad though and hopefully some controlled exposure to sun over the summer will even it out. Thanks SHVD, only thing I've heard re aloe vera products was when we were in the Caribbean. Local sellers were selling them but the advice to tourists was a definite "Don't bother - you'll fry". As you say though this might be fine at our latitude and with our 'summer' weather. However we're off to Spain in late June, exactly when the sun will be at its strongest. So may need something better. I'm reluctant to use any of the brands that we already own due to alcohol content.......
  9. Well I foil shaved down to the wood last night and while it was a bit smooth for my liking first thing this morning, it feels great now. Let's see what it's like later after 24 hours.....
  10. Sunblock / sunscreen

    On an unusably miserable 'spring' Friday afternoon, and in the hope of better to come over the next few months, I've been starting to think about sun protection. There are many forum posts on this topic, but I'm struggling to find one that adequately (for me) answers the question "which one". I've just taken a bit of time to look at four different sunscreens that we have here, and the ingredients list for every one of them appears to be the definitive who's-who of alcohols So just wondering what sunscreen everyone is using on their SMP heads? There are threads on the forum about matt sunscreens, but I'm not so concerned with shine until I find something that isn't going to damage my SMP. Durng my second session Ian told me that factor 30 was fine for sun even in hot countries, and that it's fine to get a tan (I need one since my 'hairline' is a slightly different colour due to being slighlty lower than my pale white previously-concealered scalp). I emailed HIS asking what sunscreen they recommend, but didn't get an answer to that question This is why I think it's a good idea to delay a third session until autumn if possible, while I explore this stuff over the summer. EDIT: Sorry should have said with a strong preference for products easily available on our side of the pond
  11. I always assumed it would have to be at least a grade 0 and never seriously thought with my degree of hair loss that I could pull off anything longer than that. That was definitely the main difficulty I had to overcome when deciding whether to have SMP. That said, following my two sessions I've been taking some time to determine for myself what works for me. As indicated in my most recent posts above I am now no longer using clippers but am using my 'modified' foil shaver. This is leaving the slighlty rough shave feel that I was hoping for, in fact probably even a bit shorter than that. When done just before bed it looks good for the next day, but with my degree of hair loss it's definitely a daily routine. But..... I do think I might be being a bit picky. My wife said I looked absolutely fine with my grade 0 clipper buzz and she couldn't see any issue.
  12. That's how it's been for me; others will be different. I wasn't able to buzz my head up-front because of my concealer routine, so didn't have the opportunity to get used to it first. I also didn't see SMP in person before having my first session - depending on where you live it may be difficult to. But I'm happy with the results so far and it's certainly (IMO) miles better than just shaving and being bald.
  13. Lol well I am an engineer..... albeit an electronics one. The result is thay my head feels quite smooth with the grain, but sandpapery against the grain. More or less where I wanted it to be. I'm happy with that. So glad I did this.
  14. Yes it has settled nicely with minimal fading since my last post. I would say am completely happy with it - for now. However I do feel that I will have a third session at some point. I have definitely got back into normal life now, both in work and elsewhere. I've had all the right comments as mentioned earlier, still getting some (and some very funny ones at that) although I think everyone's shock at my new look is now starting to fade - which is good I've also managed to get my hair a bit shorter again, more or less where I want it to be (crappy pic below - sorry couldn't be bothered getting the 7D out tonight). I did this with the DIY mod to my Braun M90 in the second pic Edit: Lol just realised I'm wearing the same t-shirt again, you guys must think I only own one
  15. Thanks, I have a Series 3 which I'm well impressed with (for shaving beard) but am looking for something not quite as 'good' for the head (leaving things a bit rough, but closer than my 0.4mm trimmer). I see slightly mixed reports on the Wahls, generally good though. Would just like to get more of a feeling they will do what I want, since they are at least £45.