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  1. Well 2 weeks in the Spanish summer sun doesn't appear to have had any adverse effect on my SMP. I used the Avene SPF50 and later SPF30 and came back with only a little colour on my head, and no other ill effects. Two and a half months until session 3......
  2. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Just back from 2 weeks in Valencia and the beautiful Costa Blanca. I used the Avene products exclusively on my head, starting with the SPF50 (and even then putting on a baseball hat when I thought I'd had enough exposure). However it soon became clear the the hat wasn't needed and in fact the SPF50 was overkill (I do recall Ian telling me he used SPF30 in Dubai). So for the last week or so I used just SPF30 and no hats, and even then I've come home with only a little colour on my head. Good result I think.
  3. Yep, I think so. Definitely going for it. Thanks for the input bald ego ūüĎć
  4. I'm absolutely convinced they aren't. Was a big concern for me...... not going back unless I can get the same practitioner! Thanks noircat, very happy so far! Great comments again SHVD..... sligtly darker is where I'll probably end up going, albeit I don't want a massive change at this point. It's pretty darn good as it is even after just 2 sessions. I think I might have been happier to have a bit of stubble if it wasn't for the grey. Those pesky wee silvery hairs really stand out in outdoor light. But I now genuinely really like the shaved look. A tiny part of me questions whether I actually need the 3rd session, but in some lighting conditions I'm still very convinced I do. Think I'd prefer to do something subtle in the 3rd session, leaving plenty of time before the (possible) free top-up session which would have to happen before 1st March. I did say I didn't think my head was very shiny . It does seem a bit shinier in some lighting conditions but if I'm really concerned (e.g. for very special occasions!) there is always the PTR.
  5. Hi LDB, thanks for the advice albeit a bit belated I'm also 50 (nearly 51 ) and researched HTs when I was 40 and decided against. Haven't changed my opinion on that one bit and really thankful I didn't go anywhere near it (poor candidate anyway). But I LOVE my SMP. Hope you find a solution you are happy with...... yes with SMP there is a risk..... but I'm glad I took the risk and did it.... so far anyway ;-)
  6. Thanks, although I guess it's down to the individual too. I've been following the Canadian threads and hope that they get things sorted out over there.
  7. Indoor shots (bathroom lighting):
  8. At the 3 month mark now so thought I'd pop in and post a few updated pics. Still very happy with this and so glad I did it. Everyone is now used to my new look and I don't even think much about it any more. I have also got used to the shaved look and actually really like it. I've settled into a routine of foil shaving daily before going to bed, even that seems to leave a little more length than I'd now like once I get to the 24 hour mark. But I don't have time to do shave every morning so that's the way it'll have to be for now. I've gone ahead and booked a third session for September, in the hope that sometime soon my white scalp will see some sun (albeit with appropriate precautions to be taken). I think that will give me a better idea of where I am. However the weather here has been really poor this spring (except for a really good Easter weekend). Also work has been manic - so no tan yet. Off to Spain in a couple of weeks so will take plenty of sunblock & yes hats as well. Still deliberating over what to get done in the third session. Basically in outdoor light it looks quite good as it is, however from some angles and especially in indoor light I think it still looks lightish on top and I can definitely see where I have hair and where I don't. Not sure the camera has brought that out but I'll post the pics anyway. So I think it may need a bit more density, perhaps with a slightly darker pigment. Also I'll probably take the earlier advice to break up the hairline a bit more with a light & sparse sprinkling in the middle. Finally in the front on shots it's clear the right temple is higher than the left. I'd like that evened out just a bit. With all of the above though I think any further changes really have to be very subtle. I can't do any more big step changes in appearance..... First here are the outdoor shots (taken in overcast conditions):
  9. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Sold a pup Vichy Capital Soleil is a no-go, contains alcohol denat. That's what I get for taking info from their US website.... shame since it is the largest tube and cost much the same as the other products. At least some Vichy Ideal Soleil products also seem to have alcohol denat, so I think unless I can hold the product in my hand prior to purchase, I'll give Vichy products a miss. The Avene SPF30 seems fine though, anythng ending in -ol is well down the list of ingredients. The Avene SPF50 is on back order but will hopefully be similar. Looks like a warm sunny Easter coming up, first chance to try these possibly
  10. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Well after some more research I just ordered the following from Escentual: The Vichy Capital Soleil product seem to be the one that is "alcohol-free"; the Ideal Soleil equivalent contains Alcohol Denat according to the Vichy website. The Avene products look interesting too and are also free of ethanol and Alcohol Denat. As indicated above, all sunscreens seem to contain ingredients that are some sort of alcohols, but the concensus on the forum seems to be that these are less damaging and are further down the list of ingredients, so the risk to SMP should be very low (much lower than not using sunscreen at all). I wanted a mix of SPF 30 and 50 since I want to slowly tan my white scalp in a controlled manner..... Will try these over the summer and see how I get on.
  11. No scrubbing or alcohol on head ?

    As I look into sunscreens, which are recommended by HIS but all or almost all of which seem to be full of alcohols, I'd also like to understand this. Anyone?
  12. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Hope you're right. All of the products mentioned above, as well as the others I've looked at, are full of alcohols and other chemicals. Including the body shop one that claims " No added fragrance, colour or alcohol " but you have to click "All ingredients" after which the same list of chemicals is revealed
  13. Yea guess I had to get there myself ;-) It's best in the middle of the day but definitely still a daily routine. Also not sure the little Braun is going to hack it long term. Edit: The Series 3 is much better and much quicker.
  14. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Fantastic, haven't looked back. Sounds like you are in a very similar situ to me, my scalp hasn't seen the sun in a decade either! I couldn't expose it before having SMP since my "it was thinning so I shaved it" story would have been shot to pieces. So now I have a slightly more pale scalp compared to my face. It's not bad though and hopefully some controlled exposure to sun over the summer will even it out. Thanks SHVD, only thing I've heard re aloe vera products was when we were in the Caribbean. Local sellers were selling them but the advice to tourists was a definite "Don't bother - you'll fry". As you say though this might be fine at our latitude and with our 'summer' weather. However we're off to Spain in late June, exactly when the sun will be at its strongest. So may need something better. I'm reluctant to use any of the brands that we already own due to alcohol content.......
  15. Well I foil shaved down to the wood last night and while it was a bit smooth for my liking first thing this morning, it feels great now. Let's see what it's like later after 24 hours.....