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  1. Had some email exchange with HIS this week. Asked a few more Q's and have been offered first 2 sessions in March with Ian & Ranbir. May have to make a decision shortly......
  2. Had my consulation with Ian via skype on Friday and it seems that he & Ranbir are still hands on to some extent. I'm still not sure how to know which practioner to ask for and as a result I'm thinking maybe the best/safest option would be to book in with Ian or Ranbir?
  3. UV radiation and artificial light

    Yes I suspect it's a non-issue, but I was thinking about it due to the duration of my exposure and didn't see it discussed in any earlier forum threads, which is why I brought it up. A few quick google searches seem to back up this conclusion (apologies, I'm a engineer workng in the field of electromagnetic radiation so was interested enough to have a look ): UV emissions from a cool white fluorescent tube are around 0.14 uW/cm2 ( while those from the UK noonday sun are around 2.8 mW/cm2 in summer and 0.77 mW/cm2 in winter ( That's a factor of >1000 times lower for the fluorescent (and that was at a distance of just 50 cm from the tube). Spurious UV emitted by a typical daylight fluorescent lamp appears to be concentrated in the UV-A band (similar situation to sunlight): Fluorescent lamps emit a small amount of ultraviolet (UV) light. A 1993 study in the US found that ultraviolet exposure from sitting under fluorescent lights for eight hours is equivalent to one minute of sun exposure.[61] Ultraviolet radiation from compact fluorescent lamps may exacerbate symptoms in photosensitive individuals.[62][63][64] The ultraviolet light from a fluorescent lamp can degrade the pigments in paintings (especially watercolor pigments) and bleach the dyes used in textiles and some printing. Valuable art work must be protected from ultraviolet light by placing additional glass or transparent acrylic sheets between the lamp and the art work
  4. Edit: Received my more receded virtual SMP pic from HIS. Still the old pic, haven't received the new one yet.
  5. Well I had my skype consulation earlier today with Ian. Very useful and interesting 45-minute discussion. Interestingly the first question he asked (having looked at my photos) was do I want to keep my hair the same length as it is now. When I said absolutely not he more or less said good, because you can't (which I knew anyway). However he suggested that a grade zero (with clippers) would be doable. I'll be pretty happy if I can get away with that. His suggestions were either to use a lighter shade and blend with existing hair, or go a little darker and continue the SMP down into the sides/back. Which mirrors my own thoughts... my preference being the latter but would be TBD on the day. We discussed costs and when payments are due. And waiting times which surprisingly may be as little as 4-6 weeks. Also any alterations involving partial removal and how they could be done. On scheduling of sessions, I was interested to hear that the clinic is open 6 days a week, so scheduling sessions on Saturdays is a possibility. I'd have to have a think about whether this would be beneficial to me. Anyway he said a week off work could be sufficient with two sessions on Saturdays and a return to work on the Monday after the second session. Not sure if that may be too soon but he thought it would be fine. But that it wouldn't be a good idea to go back to work between first and second sessions. We had a very interesting chat about practitioners which altered my original thoughts on this somewhat, although I don't think I have completely put this issue to bed yet. As someone posted on another thread, it seems that Ian and Ranbir do still do treatments themselves and indeed have trained many of the other practitioners. With this in mind maybe having treatments with Ian himself might be a safe bet! I mentioned the communications issues that some guys on the forum seemed to be having with HIS and he said that they had been having some issues with managing their US clinics, and these are now being managed by another clinic over there. Not something for UK clients to worry about? After the consult I received a treatment plan and quote via email. I'm now going away for some serious consideration of all the stuff I have coming up in and out of work over the next few months. After this I may put out a few feelers to HIS about availability around suitable dates. And I suppose at some point I'll have to decide if this is something I want to move forward with or not
  6. Here's one for you. The HIS SMP aftercare FAQ page indicates that UV light can damage SMP pigments (hence the recommendation to use a high factor sunscreen or hat when spending time outside in sunny conditions). While undoubtedly lower risk, is there a chance that UV radiation from artificial lighting could also damage SMP? I ask this beacuse I spend 8 hours per working day in an office lit by quite bright overhead fluorescent lighting. Seems fluorescent lighting is one of the types than can leak UV. LED lighting has virtually none (so my house is ok ). However I don't fancy using sunscreen to go to work..... Any comments/opinions?
  7. Thanks pv, and completely agree. So you think I should raise the hairline a bit? I'm ok to do that since my 'hairline' (with concealer) is a bit higher. Re keeping it light, I was thinking about going with my natural hair colour or maybe even slightly darker (and blend it down into the sides/back). My concern being that it could otherwise end up invisible in bright light. I know that I need to be careful about going too dark. Anyway I think I'm getting a decent idea of what I want now. I'm slightly concerned about exactly who I let loose on my head, but I don't think we are allowed to discuss practitioners on the forum? Although I'm guessing it would be Birmingham or Manchester? Time to do a consultation I think.
  8. Agreed! But still waiting...... Nor am I, but definitely not banking on it. I'd be happy with a bit of roughness/stubble I think. But with so little on top I'm not sure I'd get away with that, or much more than that. I'd prefer not to shave to the bone, but if needs must....
  9. Blonde Hair SMP and Possible Future Log

    Old thread I know, but having trawled through the forums for a few months I must have missed this post. This might work for me too....
  10. Contrast top vs sides

    The top of my head is white after 10 years of concealer use. I'm hoping that given the length I've kept my hair during this time, the sides will be equally white once shaved, so hopefully there will be little/no contrast.
  11. I'm rubbish with this but had a go at receding it slightly myself:
  12. Which may explain why I liked it so much! Yes, I thought that too. If they can achieve that I'd be well pleased.... Thanks for the comments - sounds good to me. I had already fed that back to them. I'm not sure if they will do the pic again? Also reminded them about my other pic.
  13. Well I've no problem posting it and I assume it's ok to do so, so here it is. Couple of things to note: - It's an older pic. Still haven't received the new one even though they were sent right after each other. - You're right about the hairline. The pic below has a decently soft hairline, but it's a bit 'too good', i.e. not mature enough for my age! I would go for a higher, or perhaps just more receded, hairline.
  14. Well I've received one of my virtual SMP pics back and I have to say I really like it. It's an older pic though - I also sent a new one but haven't received it back yet. One comment is that the hairline might be a bit 'too good' given my age..... but I'm becoming more comfortable with the cropped look based on the first pic!