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  1. I'm happy with the hairline for now. If/when I return for a third session I might ask for what bobobaldy suggested, i.e. slightly lower the middle with a light and sparse sprinkle. I'm seeing a slight reverse asymmetric look (opposite from first session - right temple is now higher). I might consider dropping a very few dots in there to correct that slightly. A little more density on top would still be good I think - although for the moment the look fits my 'thinning on top' story to some degree. All of that and maybe a sprinking of slightly darker dots on top? For now though I'm going to take the advice to hold off for a while before booking a third session. It looks pretty good as it is - no rush. In the meantime I'd genuinely welcome any comments thay may be helpful in advance of any third session.
  2. It's been a few days since I've been on here but maybe a good time to post a bit of an update. I returned to work on Wednesday, one day earlier than planned. Seems 4 or 5 days is the time needed for my SMP to settle after each session. Life has also resumed in my usual social circles. As you might expect I have had quite a few comments given the substantial change in appearance, some quite funny but all related only to the cropped hair (no evidence that anyone thinks I've had anything done). I've also had the 'but you have lots of hair', 'but you're not bald', 'you have a good head of hair' etc comments (all of the above). Clearly no one paid much attention to my previous concealer routine since it wouldn't have been too hard to see the concealer at the end. However with the temporarily increased attention the SMP needs to be pretty natural looking. So far, so good. No one has questioned the 'it was thinning so I buzzed it' story either. To be fair the SMP does still look slightly sparse on top, which I guess supports the story. As expected it's surprising how many people actually don't say anything. Another nice surprise is that I've lost count of the number of people who've told me it suits me Regarding the SMP itself, it really has lightened again. More than I'd like it to I guess. However I would say that it matches my existing hair very well (and to be fair it does look slightly darker in some lighting conditions). I guess I was hoping for something a bit more like my Virtual SMP pics posted earlier in tthis thread. However it still looks good. I'm just a little concerned that in some lighting conditions it looks quite grey (greyer than I was before) - see pics below. There is also a slightly darker line where the hariline was lowered during the second session - perhaps it will lighten too shortly. But overall I'm very happy. Ian sent me some pics taken before and during the first session, and I can say I'm glad I've done something rather than nothing
  3. First time I heard about zero gapping clippers..... might be interesting to try it but my initial reaction was that I'm going to cut myself if I do that I seem to have very fine hair and if I buzz really close the follicles just disappear into a blob of very light colour (I tried this last week on the left side of my head). The SMP dots, while nicely and realistically sized, are larger than my follicles and a closer shave seems to show the difference more. I think it looks better with some roughness, although I agree a grade 0 is too much. However the whole thing appears to me to have lightened significantly again in the last couple of days. It does match my natural hair colour though, at least with the buzz level in my last pic above. I thnk this whole thing is playing some sort of optical illusion. It now looks really light to me again, but others have said they don't think it is light at all. Not sure what to think about that
  4. Aha! Had a go with my little Braun M90 with the head angled back. Much better - I was able to buzz it significantly shorter and achieve a length that blends much better in all lighting conditions but leaves a nice sandpaper feel. Who'd have thought? I think it might be repeatable too. Anyway I'm still finding my way with this. As with any new routine - my concealer routine evolved quite a few times over the time that I was using it. Still some visible lines round the back from the blending, I really hope they settle. Not so visible in artificial light as in daylight.
  5. Happy with it so far. I'd see a 3rd session as more likely than not at some point, not worrying about that now though. In almost all lighting conditions it looks great as it is, but there is a situ with lighting from behind where there is a noticeable difference between the tiny hairs and the SMP. This is not always the case and in fact can be tricky to replicate, but the fact that it exists is a slight concern. My wife can't see anything though and says it's fine as it is. I think I'd like to go a bit shorter but I don't have a solution for that at the moment, other than going all the way to a close shave. I want the sandpaper feel from the outset and want it ideally to be more than a few hours' growth.
  6. Like this this morning. Fresh buzz.
  7. Bathroom mirror shot with better camera. Settling a little, can still see some slighlty red patches though. Also the hairline remains reddish.
  8. Not settled yet unfortunately. Still reddish on top, and still quite red along the lowered hairline. It's also worryingly dark around the horseshoe where the blendng into my existing hair was done, with two visible lines on each side and the back. I'm sure it's just me worrying unnecessarily though. Buzz tomorrow and take it from there
  9. Thanks, I've ordered some to try.
  10. Just looking at baldy-locks' recommendation of Peter Thomas Roth anti-shine mattifying gel. I've been hesitant becasue I don't want to unnecessarily get tied into using more products on a regular basis (I've had enough of that with the concealers), but also because I'm intending to be very picky what I allow on my SMP head. Here's the list of ingredients in the PTR gel - anything I should be concerned about in there?
  11. Actually I'm well impressed with my Braun Series 3's ability to get almost as close as a wet shave on my beard. So much so that I've recently abandoned 35 years of wet shaving in favour of it. How close depends on pressure placed on the shaver, a rough shave can be done with less pressure or by angling the head, however I'm not convinced I can achieve the desired result consistently over my whole head. Actually not yet convinced of my ability to do a grade 0 consistently over my whole head.....
  12. Thanks all. For info, at the end of session 2 I was considering dropping the hairline a teeny bit further in the middle to make it more rounded, but I ended up saying no - not going to mess around with it any further today. Ian said good, and that he would have argued with me if I'd wanted him to drop it any further. I thought it had been broken up but perhaps maybe a bit more wouldn't do any harm. As you say, a light and sparse sprinkling in the middle. Anyway I hope to leave this for a bit before deciding on a third session. I'm also conscious that it hasn't settled yet after session 2. Right now there is still a little redness on top and a yet redder line right along the hairline where it has been dropped. There are also dark bits on both sides where I think some pigment has stuck to existing hairs (it's clearly on the hairs themselves and they feel very stiff). Add to that that I'm at the point where I'm itching to buzz the sides but can't. So today I ventured no further than my mother-in-law's for lunch. She just remarked that I'd had my hair cut short and that was it. Thanks for the suggestions re the rough shave. This is plan B should the daily grade 0 not work out - ideally I'd like to achieve the sandpaper feel outright with a probable daily repeat. My wife isn't keen on shaving to the bone either - she wants to feel a bit of rough . However I didn't get this far without doing a lot of research and I'm fully aware that it may yet be necessary - the next few days will be used productively finding out what works and what doesn't, preferably before my return to work currently scheduled for Thursday....
  13. Yea somebody mentioned on another thread something that does 0.4mm. I was trying to figure out if that would be likely to get closer than a grade 0...... never had my hair this short before! All the best for the first session!
  14. Thanks guys. Yes it's starting to get there. I need a fresh buzz since it's been two days since last grade 0. In certain lighting conditions this is noticeable..... and it's going to be Tuesday before I can buzz it (per the aftercare guidelines). I'll need to see what I can get away with, not sure a daily grade 0 will be acceptable but let's see. As an alternative I'm still looking for something between that and a full shave, something like a rough shave if you like. Not sure how to achieve that consistently over my whole head. Yes the pics aren't great. But I can say that it does look very realistic. Much more so when it fades and the redness settles, based on my first session. The density (unsurprisngly) just wasn't there after the first session, let's see how the second session settles.
  15. Yes same here, short term pain for long term gain ;-) Some pics below, taken this evening. Not fantastic quality unfortunately, but you can see the lines where the hairline has been lowered and where the blending has been done.