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  1. SMP Aftercare Issues

    Hello, I just had my 3rd SMP session and it has completely wreaked havoc on my head. Throughout my life, I have experienced a general dry itchy scalp, but nothing extreme and nothing debilitating. Some light dandruff, etc... However, since my 2nd session, I am experiencing extreme itchiness, red and sometimes scaling scalp, flaking, burning, and I can almost not focus on anything else. I have tried a mix of doing nothing and using some lotions for dryness, benedryl, baby shampoo, etc... and nothing is working. I think my practitioner is frustrated with me because they are having to repeatedly go over the same areas because the SMP isn't holding. They don't say it and they are friendly, but I'm eager for results and my skin is not cooperating. It seems to get really bad on day 3, which seems to be when most of the scabs start forming. It makes sense, but it is incredibly itchy. I don't think the word itchy really does it justice as to how intense the sensation feels. Has anyone experienced this before? Does anything help? Thanks in advance.