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  1. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    If the horse shoe is fully covered/ blended. I think your ok not to go?
  2. Newbie: Will SMP work?

    Best thing to do is go for a consultation👍 Might even be able to have it over FaceTime
  3. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    You’ve got no hair on your head. Of course it’s going to shine. Own it;-)
  4. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    You’ve made the hardest decision to decision to get it done- it looks great and just enjoy it now! You have the luxury of a 4th session if it fades. By the way the 3rd session is the best! Just enjoy and if you need it topped up in 2 years time for £500- deal with it then. Some people spend that on a holiday, a pair of jeans- 5 nights out. This is for you and your confidence.
  5. When can I stop wearing a hat?

    I think they say 30 days
  6. Why don’t you call the UK option and explain to them? whats happening or the live chat on the website?
  7. Im no expert but I wouldn’t worry!
  8. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    I’m by no means an expert. But as with any cosmetic procedure in the world most work out well and some just don’t for whatever reason? The reason I went to HIS is I saw a guy on a bus with it and started speaking to him- I was the best I’ve seen online or in person ( I can notice them now I’ve had mine done!) He had his done 10 years ago and was just going back for his first top up. I was the first person to spot it and thankgod I did as it made up my mind to get it done & I thought perfect way it was - no top up needed As with anything if your 100% not sure but decide to take the plunge- go in light, not to pronounced and you can always build from there or I guess take it away ( laser if that’s the case! )
  9. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    It takes 4 days for me to ‘go down’
  10. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    I went into work today after having a 2 hour touch up session yesterday. Honestly couldn’t care less! Once it fades it loooks so so good. So just trust int he process and be honest with people. I’ve told the whole office!
  11. Such a shame. The customer service and quality of work I have had at Harley Street London has been incredible. My practitioner- not sure your allowed to say who- has been so so good. Really cares about you and the work they do!
  12. Tips on how to look good with shaved head

    Absolute rubbish! 1) you don’t even mention confidence and banter. This is key! 2) after having SMP done really well for the first time i wouldn’t even want my hair back!
  13. Even if you had real hair and shaved it under that kind of light it would disappear!
  14. aftercare

    I don’t think it matters
  15. Looks awesome. When do you think you’ll have to top up? X