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  1. Even if you had real hair and shaved it under that kind of light it would disappear!
  2. aftercare

    I don’t think it matters
  3. Looks awesome. When do you think you’ll have to top up? X
  4. I would say the best thing I did was being open and honest with everyone I was getting it done or if they asked People definitely asked me in the first 7-10 days. As the SMP is darker during during this stage All I can say is I wish the was around when I was 20 but so so happy I’ve got it done at 38!
  5. I would say brown hair. Greying doesn’t really matter has I razor shave? 2 and a half week after seeion 3 and mine still noticeable. Think my sweet spot is around the 4-5 weeks. I can’t wait to see finished product!
  6. Mine waS noticed at work after session 2 & 3 for at least 14 days..and I went as light as possible I think! But it I guess everyone is differnet and has different starting points. I had the full horseshoe but razor shaved and still do with SMP completed:-) p.s after week 2/3 literally had to convince some family I meet up with that I actually had this done as so realistic.
  7. Truth is no one cares and secondly who gives a shit- as long as you like it!
  8. Dots at hairline

    So so so happy with my treatment. Will probs go back for 4th in couple of months for tiny amendments hairline. Can’t be happier. Thanks HisHair. Life changing! Now to lose 2 stone!
  9. Dots at hairline

    Loving the rest of the work btw!
  10. Dots at hairline

    Anyone? Day 10 and the dots on front of hairline are still much more pronounced than all the others. And have a deep blue / grey tinge....
  11. Dots at hairline

    Hi All Pomised myself I wouldn’t come on here and obsess but here I am! Had my second session last Weds- so I’m on day 8- and really like the result apart from 10-15 dots right at the front centr of my hairline that just haven’t shrunk in line with the rest of the head. The colour is a little grey-blue as well Panic time or just time? Thanks in adavanxe for any advice. I would really appreciate it