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  1. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    Hi can you please update on your situation?
  2. I've never seen smp in person. At least I don't think I have! Few pints on offer if anyones had it done round this way
  3. Hi I've been on the fence for a long time now. I looked into smp around 3 years ago & wasn't convinced at that point for fear of discoloration over time & just generally the concept hadn't really stuck. Now 3 years on I have started researching again & have seen some great looking treatments some not so much but I guess everyone has different requirements. Can anyone who's had it done give me experiences, pictures thoughts. They dont all to be positive just anything would be great. I've been checking this forum every day now for months. My closest clinic is in Manchester & I'm near Middlesbrough & don't drive so I'm not sure about a consultation just yet. Anything people!