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  1. Need feedback

    Hi, I have recently had my 3rd session of smp 3 weeks ago and need some help from you guys. I had a failed transplant on the receding part of my hairline, then i chose to get smp with his after the bad results. I have a problem with the colour of the smp in the recipetent areas from the transplant. An example is the attached picture. I am happy with the results of my smp and how well my practioner treated me, his really are pros. I just hope to get some advice because i have to wear caps at the moment to hide the smudged appearnce on the other side of my head aswell.
  2. Need feedback

    I would say i was like 2 or 3 just a receded hairline like that of a horseshoe. The areas which were receded are the red areas in the pictures too where the smp looks smudged/redish. Im going to book my fourth session which was supposed to be a touch up in a week to sort this blending/smudged issue out. Any ideas on what i should ask for?
  3. Need feedback

    My transplant was a year ago
  4. Need feedback

    The colour is just off and so are the dots it feels so depressing now that im 1 month post session 3. Any advice on next steps?
  5. Need feedback

    Thanks for the replies, the problem isn't really with the work, it was done well. Its just in the area where the red line is the recipient area of my transplant, everything else has settled nicely. In normal lighting the recipient area looks much darker compared to the rest of my head and slightly red. Maybe the recovery for the recipient area takes longer because it was transplanted on? Also, how long will it take before this recipient area to "settle down"? It would be nice if I could find some other stories from other people that may have been in my situation.