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  1. Red tinge after smp?

    I've had it shaved for 13 years, I just wanted to get rid of the 'M' I thought it would have healed by now but i'll see what they say next week.
  2. Red tinge after smp?

    Thanks, i'm going back to them next week to see what they say. It does look great, looking forward to breaking up the hairline.
  3. Red tinge after smp?

    Hi all, Nearly 3 months after my final session im finding that their is a red tinge where the treatment was done. At first inthought it was the akin and just redness that needed to settle but i think now that its the pigment?. Im duento go back to the practioner in the next few weeks. Has anyone experienced this before and how do you fix it?! Im having the hairline adjusted also as i want it broken up and more natural looking. Any thoughts? TIA