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  1. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    I was quoted around 2500 grafts. What puts me off the transplant is not so much the transplant itself but rather a potential life long commitment to Finasteride...the transplant company recommends being on it...
  2. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    Hi all, I am now in my mid thirties. Have been losing hair since I was 16. Now I have a bit a cash and technology has moved on, I am considering my options: 1) Transplant. I’ve had a consultation and have been told I have enough donor hair to go for it. The procedure is not cheap at around £5,000. They also recommend taking Proprecia and I really don’t like the idea of messing with testosterone for a long time. 2) SMP. I’ve had a consultation with HIS. The consultant seemed competent and some of the online results look really promising. It’s about half the price of FUE. Downside is that is fake and I would be stuck with a shaved head forever. I do like lifting weights however and wouldn’t mind the idea of a hard arse look. 3) Do nothing, accept the baldness and try to pull off the bald look. Do you have any suggestions/advice?