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  1. Removal process for SMP

    Well that is what I am thinking of doing. At the very least leaving things as is vs completing my treatment. I know people will say I only got the “template” but at least that willl fade quickly vs having them fill everything in which will take much longer to remove. I just hope it won’t look too off in the meantime The main thing in my case (won’t speak for others since it looks like many people have had great results and are happy with it) is that for me it’s about self-acceptance and getting over my issues vs trying to cover them up. Unfortunately it took getting SMP to realize this for me. But it was as like as soon as I got the procedure a light went off in my head and I said to myself “hey this just isn’t worth it”
  2. Removal process for SMP

    Hi everyone, So I just got my first SMP session done a day ago, and the results are actually very good. I have diffuse thinning on top so it matches perfectly at a 1 guard. However, I am having second thoughts. I know, I know, the rollercoaster, but the truth is I feel like having it done was what was needed for me to accept the process of going bald. Anyways, I do plan on at least postponing my second session for now before making anymore decisions. And I also plan on speaking with my practitioner (His Hair) about my options. In the meantime, I had some questions for you guys since I’m sure I’m not the first one to have come to this conclusion: 1) What is the risk of existing hair loss or discoloration if I use laser removal? My practitioner said it was minimal but wondering what people’s experiences have been 2) How long do you have to wait in between getting the procedure to removal? Will it look “bad” in the process? 3) Are there any ways to speed up the fading process naturally in the meantime? For example exfoliating, sun exposure, retinoids, etc... Thanks for your time!