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  1. DIY SMP?

  2. How’s my first session looking?

    Looks a safe start to me, keep faith in the process you can’t judge it this soon, you are only few days in so I am assuming you have not even shaved or washed your head yet, once you do that, it all dramatically calms down and you end up the opposite (wanting more work darker and denser)
  3. My not so good smp story so far

    Hi Aboot, after 3 sessions it should have more density than what you are currently sporting from my own experience and my 2 pals who also have had smp, and also from other examples on here it’s pretty evident. Did you have the same tech for all your procedures ? Which HIS clinic did you go to ? Hope you get it fixed up dude
  4. My not so good smp story so far

    Hi Aboot, sorry for your situation, was your treatment done at HIS ?