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  1. I need help please

    Hi Julio I’ve been told that there is 2 practitioners at Paris HIS and they have both been doing SMP for over 5 years. So you will most likely struggle to find many others with that much experience (which will 100% include scar coverage). I am sure an arranged phone call or consultation with them wouldn’t be an issue. Good luck Egg
  2. I need help please

    Hi Julio HIS have a clinic in Paris and good practitioners there I’ve been told. Hope you get fixed soon
  3. Cheap scalp shavers

    Try babyliss I-stubble the lowest they go is 0.4 Take slightly longer to use but the reward is slightly more stubble 👌
  4. Spots!!!!

    Hey there Wet shaving can cause spots especially if your new to it and the skin isn’t familiar with it yet. Spots can be caused by oily skin too. My advice is stop wet shaving right away, a cheap Remington R95 used gently does a great job. And to stay on top of an oily scalp there isn’t much better than nizoral shampoo. Give them a whirl and I’m positive you will be back in control. 👍
  5. Worry

    Still very early days dude, it can take around 6 weeks to fully settle, and even then you will need another session or two to complete the process. Babyliss I-stubble or a Remington r95 are good shavers.
  6. DIY SMP?

  7. How’s my first session looking?

    Looks a safe start to me, keep faith in the process you can’t judge it this soon, you are only few days in so I am assuming you have not even shaved or washed your head yet, once you do that, it all dramatically calms down and you end up the opposite (wanting more work darker and denser)
  8. My not so good smp story so far

    Hi Aboot, after 3 sessions it should have more density than what you are currently sporting from my own experience and my 2 pals who also have had smp, and also from other examples on here it’s pretty evident. Did you have the same tech for all your procedures ? Which HIS clinic did you go to ? Hope you get it fixed up dude
  9. My not so good smp story so far

    Hi Aboot, sorry for your situation, was your treatment done at HIS ?