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  1. 5 hours ago, Johnm said:

    No doubt everyone is different bud I have very light coloured hair so I shave right down to the bone and that does me for 3 days. 

    Would imagine someone with darker hair would want to leave a bit of stubble though,  I've heard the Phillips one blade is good for this. 

    I have had my procedure for a little over a month. I am a black guy and yes it appears that having some stubble is best. However, I am thinking about shaving it with a razor over a long weekend and see the results. Trimmers get close enough and I personally find them cumbersome when cutting my own head. I will look into that Phillips One Blade. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, lskdj said:

    What happened to the photos? Honestly, I already have anxiety issues and seeing something like this makes me want to cancel my SMP appointment this fall. Please keep us all posted to your progress. Hang in there mate. 

    I took them down. Don't worry my man. I will upload them again, without my sexy ass face in a bit. Anyway, I am thinking I may have jumped the gun a bit too much. Because a few people have complimented me on the new look. A few even asked if I was growing my hair out.  I was looking over some of the past work of the person who is doing my hair and it looks really good. I can see why they went a little dark. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, Trendy said:

    Hi AntWrig!

    Indeed - the front looks terribly, but the rest looks amazing for only one treatment!!! But doing a laser removal and then starting a second try?? I do not know...! At first, I would ask what happend and then I would ask for a later treatment! Maybe in 4 weeks it looks much better..!

    Good luck! ;)

    My practitioner had initially told me that they went dark. I spoke with my practitioner yesterday and was told that the next session will look "amazing". I have an issue with the term "matching". I would like to know how exactly things will be matched? I hope they don't match by adding more dark color to the top of my head. That will lead to a two-tone effect.  I don't know how what blending techniques are used. It's not like they can fade a tattoo in like you can with clippers. 

  4. 8 hours ago, lskdj said:

    Looks good side from the hairline which currently, doesn't look up to professional standards IMO. That being said, it very well could be that your second session will match and even everything out. I would say be patient. Worst case scenario there's always laser removal. 

    Funny, that's my concern. If it fills in that means the whole treated area will be dark and wont match with the rest of my head. Currently it looks fake and that's obviously the look I wasn't going for.  The ironic thing is, I am now experiencing feelings of anxiety, not wanting to leave the house, etc. Feelings I never experienced in my 10 years of being bald or fat, hell I was bald and fat for a while, and I never felt like this. 

  5. I had my 1st treatment last Wednesday. Overall I am happy with my results but I am finding the hair line is way too dark in relation to the rest of my head. I am scheduled for a 2nd treatment this Wednesday. 

    I will admit, I have been bald for the last 10 years, and the way I am feeling now. I should have stayed that way.  I am at a loss right now, and I am thinking about getting it all removed with a laser.