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  1. Is SMP visible in certain lights?

    So will the overall result stick out? Under sunlight, will some people notice that something is clearly wrong on the head of someone who got SMP? SMP should be unnoticeable, shouldn't it?
  2. Is SMP visible in certain lights?

    Hello there, Recently I stumbled onto a YouTube video and I saw a guy which clearly had SMP. The result was horrible. The sides (his real hair) were very dark while the top of this head was very light, and we clearly saw that something was wrong with his hair. Is SMP really that good? I mean, if we can clearly see the horseshoe pattern under certain light, it clearly isn't worth it in my view. Is a seamless blend possible, especially under certain lights?
  3. How’s my first session looking?

    The blending is "meh". We can clearly see the horseshoe. But this is the first session so I wouldn't worry. What do you use to shave your hair? Wet shave, rotary, foil or balding clippers?
  4. Removal process for SMP

    I don't understand why you would wanna get SMP just to get it removed afterwards... Whats the problem actually? The blending with your existing hair is not seamless? The hairline you got is too low and seems unnatural? In my book, the best hairlines using SMP are faded hairlines, I find sharp hairlines horrible. Did you have remaining hair on your hairline to start with? It's easier to get a natural result if you don't have to recreate a hairline from scratch.
  5. My experience with SMP and diffuse thinning

    What happens if your hair keeps falling out though? Will you be able to transition smoothly from "long hair SMP" to "shaved head SMP"?
  6. My not so good smp story so far

    This looks frightening... I was planning on doing SMP but results like that scare me. I wish you all the best Aboot
  7. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for reading what I have to say here. I am from France, and like you guys, I am a hair loss sufferer. I've been losing my hair for years actually (I am 26 and I started losing it at about 15 so I can say it is a real life issue). As I was (and still am) a diffuse thinner, I first tried to conceal the thinning hair using all kinds of concealing powders and sprays... But the results were messy, unclean and often unnatural (I was tired of tainting my pillow, my hands, my clothes...). So in the end, at about 20, I ditched all that make up and tried another option: medication. First minoxidil, then, finasteride and even dutasteride... on and off. Minoxidil did not have much effect, and while I think finasteride may have slowed down the balding process, I had pretty serious sides while on it. Medication wasn't an option anymore and I was losing more hair than ever. Then, at 25, I made the biggest mistake in my life so far: I got a FUE hair transplant in Turkey. I was in despair, I asked many questions to the surgeon but at the same time, I was kind of blinded... I wanted to believe that after that hair transplant, everything would be alright for at least 5 years... What I gullible person I was. Not only did that hair transplant left me with lots of double/triple hairs creating unnatural appearance on the hairline, but considering I got 3200 grafts extracted via the FUE method, I will probably have a lot of white dots on the back of my head, so if I zero guard all of my head, the result might be awful. Do not get hair transplants. Really. This was the beginning of all my problems. Wait until you are at least 35 and do not do it if you are a diffuse thinner, never, ever! And if a surgeon tells you it's okay to have a hair transplant even if you have diffuse thinning, they just want your money and don't care about you. So now here I am, 26 years old, with thinning unnatural hair, potential scars on my back, wearing hats all day... and, yeah, slightly depressed of all this predicament. That is where SMP kicks in. Younger, I often sported a guard #1 look, and it suited me pretty well. So I did my research and first, I stumbled into another clinic, not HIS. Some of their results are very good but some others are VERY bad: I saw some YouTube videos where the end result consisted in an overly stressed hairline, sometimes too straight, sometimes too "rounded", and it did not look like hair at all... just like a tattoo. My aim right now is to have a 100% undetectable procedure, so I could not trust them. Fortunately, there is also a HIS clinic in France. The results seem quite good even if sometimes I also saw some "meh" results in YouTube. Here are my questions. Thanks by advance if you could help me with your two cents. Where should I go from here? Get SMP to cover the FUE scars and improve my hairline by making it more blurred? How about SMP on fair skins? I am quite pale... I don't know if SMP works best on pale skins. I think the hairline is the most important element to take into account when considering SMP. I want a blurred, natural, light hairline. Is that possible or even realistic? I really don't wanna make the same mistake again. I already got swindled by a hair transplant clinic, I just want to be sure I am making the right choice by doing SMP with HIS. I don't wanna end up wanting to remove it using laser because I have been botched... Thanks for your answers!