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  1. Need feedback

    This was EXCELLENT work. You're overthinking the "smudged" appearance. Looks like minor skin irritation.
  2. This question is for anyone whose already had SMP. I currently don't have any tattoos and am nervous about my head becoming one haha. I'm nervous about seeing myself too differently and having a hard time adjusting to the new look. I know this might sound strange, but did any of you have these thoughts beforehand or feel a little restless about it? Did it get better after the procedure? If you had anxiety beforehand, are you still glad you got it done? Thanks guys.
  3. SMP turning blue after some years

    Just awful. My appointment is in less than 3 weeks with a world renowned practitioner but seeing heads like this scares the shit out of me...
  4. I saw online people discussing weight gain and SMP. Someone said you should be at your ideal or healthiest weight before doing the treatment especially if overweight. They said the pigment does shift a little and fading can be more pronounced. Also faces can look very different if someone loses 50 pounds. Since practitioners design hair lines based on facial features this is reasonable no? I also heard that gaining weight very quickly can make the scalp stretch too quickly... Thoughts?
  5. Nervous and anxious about my procedure

    Excellent answer, thank you!
  6. Hey guys, As my SMP appointment approaches closer, I'm getting more uneasy and nervous about it. I guess the permanency of the treatment is giving me anxiety. Any of you guys who've had SMP experience this? Does it easier I assume? Are you happy you followed through? Thanks much.
  7. Before and After

    Dude, if you want SMP get SMP. Your wife is subconsciencly testing your manhood. That being said, I wouldn't go to anyone in Chicago. I'm from the midwest and am flying to New York to get mine done.
  8. Hey guys, I'm scheduled to get SMP in October and was wondering how close down do you have to shave your head. I currently just use a pair of clippers with no guard and it leaves a little growth/stubble. I do this once every 2 days. I really prefer it that way to just straight razor, which is too short my liking. Once I get SMP do I have to use a straight razor or can I leave just a little stubble/growth?
  9. How close down do you have to shave?

    So it sounds like the answer is I have to shave it with a straight razor to to the skin, bummer.
  10. How’s my first session looking?

    I didn't know this, thank you for the insight.
  11. No way I'm I putting that toxic crap on my head EVERY DAY. Just pop on a cap when you're in the sun. If you're analyzing a couple minutes of outside time, you're obsessing. Just my opinion.
  12. Removal process for SMP

    Hmm I like the bald shaved look. I've been shaving my head forever. Like I'm cool with it but I do almost ALWAYS find myself wearing hats with my outfits, snapbacks, high quality fedoras, english caps whatever. I've also noticed that women are more into me when I meet them WITH a hat on. It's much easier for them to accept my baldness AFTER I've already established a connection with my head covered. When I don't wear a hat, it's much more difficult to get attention for women... So yeah, I'm getting SMP in October.
  13. Removal process for SMP

    Why don't you give it a good few months before removing it? I've read many accounts of guys not being sure about it at first and then loving it.
  14. Hair line is too dark.

    Looks pretty good man.
  15. My not so good smp story so far

    Wow, I'm scheduled to have SMP but this makes me want to cancel my appointment! Are you SURE this was a HIS clinic procedure or a "HIS practitioner"?? Which location? Please clarify. This is not good work. Sorry you're going through this. At least have the peace of mind that lasers can make it all go away.
  16. Hair line is too dark.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please keep me updated on everything. It's understandable for you to have reservations, anxieties and concerns. It's a major thing..
  17. Hair line is too dark.

    What happened to the photos? Honestly, I already have anxiety issues and seeing something like this makes me want to cancel my SMP appointment this fall. Please keep us all posted to your progress. Hang in there mate.
  18. Hair line is too dark.

    Looks good side from the hairline which currently, doesn't look up to professional standards IMO. That being said, it very well could be that your second session will match and even everything out. I would say be patient. Worst case scenario there's always laser removal.
  19. Wow, this makes me nervous about following through with SMP. I would like to see someone in the industry address this.
  20. My daily pictures from start to finish!

  21. Is SMP ink safe??

    This may be a silly question but is the ink used for SMP safe to be injected into your scalp? I mean, can it have toxic affects on your health and mind, being so close to your brain? Have their ever been any reports of issues? Would love to hear any thoughts on this. Thanks much.