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  1. SMP to give appearance of more density to FUE transplant

    Thanks for the honest reply! It's really helpful to know that SMP won't really help with long hair. I appreciate the advice, but I think I will go ahead with the second hair transplant. If it doesn't work out then and I end up going the SMP route afterwards then at least I will have more real hair to give texture to my shaved look. Scars at the back are to not too much of a concern for me really.
  2. SMP to give appearance of more density to FUE transplant

    Sorry, I had some links in my original post that are not allowed. So just to rephrase my question: Has anyone here had smp to give the appearance of increased density to hair when you have it long? How did it look and would you recommend it to someone who has had a FUE hair transplant with a fairly low density?
  3. Hi there, I've had a recent FUE transplant (4000 grafts) and will have another at the end of the year. After that I'm looking at having SMP to give the appearance of more density while still having my hair long. I was wondering if anyone who has had an SMP at His has grown their hair long afterwards? How did it look? I can't seem to find any before/after photos like that on the website or from looking through the forums here, So I guess my question is, can I get something done with HIS?