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  1. SMP Results

    I had 3 sessions for SMP with the final session about 5 days ago. After second session scalp was a bit irritated, but not too bad and 3rd session was fine. I was under the impression that after treatments, I would have a great idea of how final results would look. I have seen much on internet about what to expect as far as looks right after SMP and weeks later, only about your scalp healing. My scalp took the procedure well and I didn't have much redness or scabs. I was told by the tech that I need to wait a couple weeks for final results and it should darken. As of right now, I think it's super light and can faintly tell I had the procedure done. Is it true that as time goes the results will darken and become more apparent? Or if I should expect similar results in a few weeks as to what I'm seeing now?