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  1. SMP Laser Removal

    I had a similar experience with smp, was desperate for help and asked a tattoo artist to have it removed as quickly as possible. He said I wasn't his first, a guy already had 3 or 4 sessions and it still wasn't gone. Everything depends on the laser settings however. I had one session with the tattoo guy and it took away most of the tiny dots but the large ones remained the same. He told me I'd need about 5 or 6 session to remove the big dots as well, with 2 months time inbetween each session (I was gutted to say the least). Then my practitioner booked a session for me in a beauty clinic with an experienced surgeon who had done a lot of tattoo removals, had a test patch done and a few weeks later all the bad areas. Everything he lasered was gone in one session, big dots included. Took about 10-12 days for the redness to go away but it worked. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the laser settings here, if not a mod will probably remove them but you can pm me if you want. Settings were 1064NM, dot size 3 and 8.2 J. It definately hurt to get it removed, but it was fast and it worked and that was the main thing for me. I hope it helps!
  2. So I had my first treatment done and I'm a bit confused and worried. I'm new here but I've searched and read a few threads already about how it looks after the first treatment and I'm not sure if I should be happy or worried. I'm 33 years old and asked for a slightly higher hairline so it would look natural for my age, so my practitioner said they usually use 4 fingers from the eyebrows and that's where the hairline should start. Never really had a low hairline and showed a picture of me when I still had hair, so she created a hairline but after I came home I noticed it's quite low actually and it's also not 4 fingers high. If I look in the mirror I feel like a 16 year old boy is staring at me, which might be good for some but I'm not sure this will fit me. You can obviously lower the line during the second or third session but is there a way back when it's already too low? I also noticed some of the dots look way bigger/darker compared to others, do they all fade and shrink the same way or will the bigger/darker ones remain bigger and darker? And last, my natural hair color is a mixed blonde/light brown when it was longer and the dots are quite dark right now so you can see from a mile away something isn't right when you look at the side and rear of my head compared to the top. How long does it take for the dots to start fading a bit? If it doesn't fade enough, can the whole thing be made lighter? Looking forward to reading some opinions as I'm a bit worried atm...
  3. I had most of it removed in one laser session, thank god smp ink is quite easy to remove. Took a few weeks to heal though. Went back for another session which turned out good but it's not finished yet, still a lot of patches that need work and a slightly darker tone. I'm going back this Friday for what I hope will be my last session for now.
  4. Advice on anti shine

    Saw a video on youtube of a guy using Monistat chafing/powder gel. Thought I'd give it a try and it does work well for me. I use it in combination with the headblade matte lotion. But like baldy-locks says, there will always be some shine after a few hours.
  5. Here's my story with smp, which isn't a good one unfortunately. First session practitioner told me I should go a darker shade because it fades a lot, which made sense at the time as I had read about this on here. So we used a darker shade thinking it would fade and match my natural light gray stubble when shaved. Unfortunately when I got home after my first session I noticed I had a lot of bigger dots which looked darker compared to the rest of the small dots, probably because of the size and the grey outline they had. So the smaller dots did fade a lot and looked better (although they're still a bit dark but that's the least of my concerns), the big ones however started to look worse even though they did also fade a bit. Grey outline turned blue. For my second session I asked for a lighter shade, everything worked out well and it kinda blended with the small dots from the first session. However, the bigger dots still looked a lot darker and clustered due to the outline. So I went back for my third session and since the bigger dots were still very noticeable, we again went for a darker shade hoping it would camouflage them. But to no avail, top of my head is a lot darker now compared to the sides/back so at the moment I have to grow out my hair 4-5 days to kinda match the color. If I shave my head it's like I have a really weird fade, it's very dark on top and super light below. You can also still see the clusters due to the blue-ish outlines and bigger dot size. And as if that isn't bad enough, went to work and someone asked me why I had black dots tatooed all over my head. She said you can spot it easily (even from a distance) because of the blow outs from the needle going in too deep. I assume she meant the bigger/blue outlined dots. So the whole idea of smp for me was having something that looks like hair and not like a tattoo, unfortunately mine looks more like a tattoo in some places and definately not like hair which makes it easy to spot. Yes, if you're 3-4 metres away it looks like hair but that's about it. So obviously I feel like a train wreck right now, considering quitting my job and I feel a laser removal treatment is my only option now. My confidence went from already low to nothing in just a few weeks. After looking forward to this for quite some time and seeing how it looked and changed other people's lives, for me this is feeling even worse than losing my hair over the years. And, even apart from the financial aspect, this feels like one of the worst decisions I have made in my life.
  6. My not so good smp story so far

    Update on this: I've just had my first laser session today. Had a test patch done a few weeks ago, they tried different settings to see what's best to remove the deepest and darkest/biggest dots. So looking in the mirror now, it's still red obviously but I can see the biggest/darkest dots are almost gone already. Thank god for smp ink! I'll give it a few weeks to heal now and think about whether I will have another laser session to remove the rest of my (good) smp or get another treatment from a different practitioner in Paris which has been offered to me by my current practitioner. I'm happy to say I haven't been let down, even though it's been a rough couple of weeks for me now.
  7. My not so good smp story so far

    Sorry people, I'm not trying to scare anyone away from this and in fact I still believe this is one of the best things you can do when dealing with hair loss. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out for me and I guess I'm just one of the very few unlucky ones. If I can start over with a clean slate/head I might even consider having it done again, but only if someone could 100% guarantee it won't look like it does now.
  8. My not so good smp story so far

    I shaved the sides and back of my head today and more density won't be a solution. The top already looks denser due to it being more dark, like I said it's like I have a weird fade buzz cut right now because my natural hair and stubble is a lot lighter the first days after a shave. I don't really see how this can be fixed with more sessions unfortunately.
  9. My not so good smp story so far

    Yes, it was in fact done by a HIS practitioner. It might indeed need some more density (picture was taken with flash so it probably looks worse than it is). My main concern however are the blue outlined dots. They really seem to draw attention and I'm afraid you'll continue to see them even after 2 or 3 more sessions, which would be a waste of money if I have to get it lasered away again. If it wasn't for this I'd just happily sit it out and watch it fade over time, even though I also have my doubts it will fade that much (natural hair/stubble is really light).
  10. So, I had 3 sessions done now and I have to say I'm not really pleased with the results. Alot of the dots from my first session are still too big, look clustered, are a blue-ish color instead of grey and are way darker compared to my natural hair on the sides. I've followed every rule (no swimming/sweating/sun/water/moisturezing after 4 days etc...) so I'm not sure what went wrong. Although looking back at my first pics I can see the dots being clustered and too big in some areas. Might be looking into a laser treatment to have everything removed again... Proper waste of money for me unfortunately
  11. Clippers with an extension on it to leave it a little longer or did you use them directly to the skin? I did try with the clippers directly to the skin and kinda failed, missed a lot of hair, had to go over some areas like 7-8 times or more and all this while I don't really like the feeling of the clippers going over my head... Got tired of it and shaved the rest of my head with a razor. Ordered a Braun broom package now which includes basically everything I need I think, clippers with extensions from 0.2mm to 2.1mm + longer ones as well (pretty sure these will never be used), head can also be changed to a foil razor which is included. At the moment it's a bit trial and error for me as I've never shaven my head before the treatment so I'll have to find the best way that works for me.
  12. Yes, I have to admit I was a bit shocked at first. My hair has grown a little longer now (about 5 days since I shaved and it's only 2mm now, seems to grow really slow) and the sides and rear are getting a more similar shade now, but the smp on top is still a bit too dark so I'll ask if it can be blended with something a bit less dark. My gf also told me it's starting to look better now so I'm hoping for the best in the next few sessions. I'm blonde and if I shave my head it looks like I almost have no hair left on sides and back, it's also not very dense but it's always been like that. So I hope I can get away with leaving it at around 1.5-2mm using clippers so I can match the top shade, otherwise it will look ridicilous I think (top darker, sides and rear very light after shave). Anyone else does his hair with clippers? Or does everyone just shave it off each and every day? Can't wait for my second and third session, hope to see some good results in a few weeks. I'll keep you updated.
  13. Wrinkles are fine, still way below my hairline. Kinda getting used to the hairline, it just really surprised me I look that much younger with a lower hairline. I'm still worried about the color, seems to be a whole lot darker compared to my natural stubble. When does it start fading? Next week is my 2nd treatment, if it hasn't faded would it help if I asked for a lighter color to blend in? Some feedback about this would be greatly appreciated!