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  1. Hello, I have a norwood 3 hairline and I would like to get SMP done to go back to norwood 1. I am 21 years old with a small face so I feel that a norwood 1 would be suitable for me. Something that I'm worrying about is getting the "solid ink" look in the future. I've been seeing a lot of pictures of people who had had the treatment (over long period of time with few density touch-ups) and I've noticed that after a while the individual pigments start to kind of fade together into what looks like a solid slab of ink. I'm worried that down the road I'm going to have what looks like a slab of ink in the front of my head (where I'm getting the treatment) while the sides and the back continue to look natural... I wanted to hear what you guys think about that? Does each pigment kind of fade on its own or does it all blend together? Is the "slab of ink" look inevitable for everyone that gets SMP? If you can post pics of your treatment like a month afterwards vs a year afterwards I would greatly appreciate it.