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  1. First session smp

    Hi everyone. Not sure why im making this post to be honest but just feeling nervous about my first smp session i have on tuesday Today was the first day i washed out all of the concelar i had been using the last 3 years. I surpsingly had more hair than i thought Looking at the pictures below would anyone be able to offer any advice or thoughts about the type of hairline i should go for and what lenght i would be able to keep once i have had the procedure This is my first post about anything ever on the internet so sorry if i have not done it in the right place Thanks and have a good weekend
  2. First session smp

    @permanentvacation Thats why i took the pics down. Damn, the one place i thought i could share stuff without getting laughed at Fuck it though, hopefully a few more days and then i can finally close this chapter
  3. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

    Just joined this forun, booking my first session in 2 weeks time (scary times) I think concelar on smp isnt a good idea although i have read people had added talc powder to smp and supposedly it adds to the realism. Havent seen pics though. Try it out pal, and post pics if you can