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  1. I am considering getting fraxel from all the positive responses I've read. I have a lot of donor hair though, I'm probably a nw3 or 4, so the hair on the sides and back of my head is good. I'm nervous the laser my kill or cut my native hair. I buzz to a number 3 now and no one really notices my scar, so I'm nervous the laser might cut the hair off the hair revealing the scar or even worse damage it to where it doesn't grow back all together. Any experiences ? Thanks.
  2. Do you have any before/after pictures to share?
  3. Laser hair removal

    I've done this with great success. I hated transplanted hair, I just shaved it down for years. Problem with this is it creates a sharp hairline, doesn't look right. Eventually I started getting laser hair removal. I started off small with 1 laser burst to see how it would react. I've done a total of 6 or 7 treatments now. It works very well and my hairline looks a lot better and I'm not bothered by the transplanted looking hairs anymore. I still need to go in for a couple more treatments, just small sections though. The laser isn't very powerful, meaning one session doesnt completely kill hair follicles, they grow back gradually softer, so I feel this helps with not having to worry about killing native natural hair. One point I would say is it leaves the skin pink for days following. The first day it is red and obvious and then faintly pink for up to a 1-2 weeks. For this reason I would only do small sections at a time unless you can take a week off from work. I did the full hairline once and people knew and asked questions about it almost a week later. It faded soon after, but when done in small sessions no one will ask or notice it. When it's a line in the shape of your hairline, people will notice. I would definitely recommend this, helped me out a lot. Best of luck