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  1. HIS itself doesn’t do the SMP/FUE combo.
  2. Shaving Oil - what do you use?

    Head blade makes good products that I like to use every once and a while. Otherwise, I just use the same stuff I use on my face. It hasn't had any adverse effect as far as bumps or acne. Everyone is different though.
  3. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

    You are thinking way too much about this. Let it go. Just go with the SMP. Once you come to the realization that this is your best look, you will be so much happier. Fixating starts to get into the realm of body (in this case hair) dysmorphia. FUE/SMP Combo was a failed experiment, thus you don't see it anywhere. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone happy with a hair transplant. It will never be thick enough, or provide the look of real hair, unless you are a millionaire.
  4. Hair system to SMP (Question)

    That’s a better question for your consult because they can actually look at your head.
  5. Thinning crown to add realism

    Doesn't hurt to ask. It may affect their ability to blend well only because I doubt it's something they do regularly.