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  1. Laser Removal Question

    For anyone who has done any laser removal for SMP (hairline receding or full head), or anyone with knowledge - How long after the session did you wait before being able to shave your head again (either electric razor or wet shave). I know you're supposed to avoid irritating the skin, so I'd be curious to hear about anyone's specific experiences. I was told 10-14 days after the session it's fair game to start shaving again.
  2. Would like feedback

    Hi all, Hope everyone’s having a great summer. I am about 45 days post session 3, and wanted to get opinions from the forum. I got mine from a well known clinic and thought people might appreciate the case study. Overall I’m happy with how it went - sometimes I feel it’s a little bit noticeable or too dark, but I think that’s just me overthinking it. No one has noticed it or said anything, and I did the smp straight after buzzing my head since I thought it would be an easier transition (from long hair to buzzed look). Would appreciate candid feedback from people here. I am mid 20s age - my plan is to have this and just let it fade over the next few years and it’ll be more or less gone by the time I hit 30. Being totally cue ball at my age was a little too soon for me, which is why I decided to do this to get the frame on my face. Has anyone else done something similar in terms of letting it fade with no touch ups? Would lasering be too drastic? Kind of torn. Pics attached, 1 before and a few after in different lighting. feel free to hit me up with any comments or questions and hope this helps some people considering it.
  3. Barber trip post SMP

    Hi all, I recently had my last session and would like to be cautious and wait 7-10 days before my initial buzz. If I go to a barber and tell him to just zero buzz it, is there anything else I need to tell him regarding the SMP? Maybe special instructions like be gentle? I want to go to a barber b/c I have trouble buzzing longer hair evenly if it's more than a few days growth, and want to make sure it's even before I can start doing it regularly myself. I also plan to wet shave mine, but want to go ~14 days before wet shaving, so want just a normal buzz in that initial period. Thanks for any thoughts