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  1. Old Chicago client looking for some info

    I'm in Chicago as well. Have not had SMP but have been considering it. Still cautious due to situations like the one you describe above. Looking for stability and local successes before I go down that road. I was told that Bosley was now handling HIS in USA. Also that the Chicago Bosley office does not do SMP and the closest Bosley office that does is Columbus Ohio. I did speak with the Columbus office and while I wouldn't say that they were unresponsive, they did not follow through to my calls and emails all the time, enough to make me more hesitant to go down this road. I want to see a stable office and meet people and see results. On another note, if you would meet up sometime to let me see your result that would be great. John
  2. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Appreciate the update great to hear. Looks really good as I said really have to see it in person to know for sure. But you seem to think it looks just like a real buzz cut so it must look good, just takes a bit to get used to the new look. I understand your thoughts on the 3rd session but it seems the hard part is over and that is just tweaking. Need to decide if I will go for this while I still work and am the boss over many employees or wait a few years until I retire. Trying to gather as much info as I can and I appreciate your help. Wouldn't have even noticed the shirt if you hadn't mentioned it - probably like most people won't really notice the new hair style either!
  3. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    gm68 thanks for the play by play in describing your emotions and thought process as you made your decision and went through with SMP. It's been a couple of weeks since your second treatment. Are you 100% happy with it? Has it settled in to a nice realistic look? Have you blended right back into your life and it is not an issue for you or anyone else - pretty much undetectable? Do you recommend the procedure? Appreciate your comments..Jon
  4. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looks good. Always easier to tell in person though seems like you are pretty happy with the authenticity right? Would you say it is about 80% complete with with a 3rd treatment in a couple months? But certainly passable as is until then? Curious as to interaction with others once you venture back into civilization. From the pictures to me it is a much better look than concealers...Jon
  5. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Definitely no expert but I agree I think the hairline should be broken just a bit. Looks good though getting there!
  6. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looks really good. Hope you post some more when it settles completely. Pictures are hard to gauge since the blend and 2D affect are much better to assess in person. Does it look natural, do you think it just looks like a clean shaven head? Seems to me it may look even better in person, not that this looks bad as it definitely does not, but to me pictures don't give a great hair impression kind of just blends it rather than separate follicle look (if that makes sense). Be better when it settles completely too.
  7. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Glad you made it through the second session. The pain doesn't bother me even if it was a bit more. If the end result is great it is well worth it. Looking forward to pics after it settles as well. If I have to fly somewhere that is fine if the results are worth it.
  8. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Been researching SMP for a couple of years. 57 in good shape think I would look good. May wait until I retire. I am the boss I definitely will get attention at work. I'm near Chicago seems it is hard to get much personalized attention in USA. I would really be more comfortable with seeing people and company personnel live. Need the human touch and to see people with SMP in person, and to know I don' t get it done and then they disappear if I need them. Thanks for posting your journey. Hope you continue; nice to see you going through all of the emotions and I would like to see how you feel and how it looks when it is finished. Jon
  9. Post 2nd session...looks a little thick and patchy

    I have not had SMP yet but it looks pretty good to me. I thought HIS doesn’t have clinics in USA anymore where did you get it done? I gave up I could hardly get anyone to respond and when I did they only wanted to Skype. I would want to see someone in person.
  10. Having trouble getting people to respond. Would love to see the results in person if anyone in Chicago is willing to meet. Thank you
  11. 3 pointer78. Are you still in DELETED? If so it would be great to meet up and check it out. Thank you Jon
  12. consultation

    This is the second time I tried to set up a consultation. Both times I received an email that there were no consultants in my area but I could do a facetime session or send photos. Not sure how there could be good customer service if there are no consultants in my area and no one I can speak to on the phone in my area. I wanted to speak to someone in person and see some actual results in person. The reviews of the company are good but it makes me skeptical of the service I will get once they have my money. This is something that I have to be assured that I will not be left on my own if I have problems and/or are not satisfied with the result and the inability to get a live person and no one local is a problem for me. I understand this is not the main office but Chicago is a big city I would think there is a consistent local presence rather than merely flying in practitioners to do the work only. Curious about others experience setting up and making the decision to do this.
  13. Really want to do this but...

    Wondering if the doctor has had SMP yet. I'm in same postion as he is. Hair system doesn't look bad but getting tired of it. I would look good with shaved head look but I'm the boss wouldn't want to just walk in one day without hair. Either would want to do it and put hair back on for two weeks and do second treatment or maybe try to get away for two weeks. Curious what doctor decided and if done how it went