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  1. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Thanks for your thoughts. I'v been thinking about it for ages. It occupies my mind way too much and I need to make a final decision. I think the main problem is the scar, if I could get that to a better standard where it's much less visible, I think I would be alot happier. I will be getting it Lasered and starting again, then at the same time lowering hairline. I'll meet with the laser company and then my SMP practitioner to decide a way forward. Thinking about it, I didn't have much hair anyway so it shouldn't even be a question. The positives and negatives are as follows. Positives : Easy maintenance No fibres Don't have to worry about winds or hairspray Debatable if it looks better The smp looks very natural A clean pillow ( no fibres ) Negatives Head seems too white in daylight. In Certain lights it looks better. Even when I'm in a dark room its hard to see the smp Stuck with the same look all my life Scar very visible currently and feel paranoid about it sometimes
  2. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Not really getting any comments. Friends and family haven't seen it yet apart from the Mrs who doesn't mind it. Outside it looks very white and almost looks like I've had cancer. 🙁still thinking about growing it back if I can. Sometimes I like it. Other times im not sure. Would love it to be darker like my facial hair but I guess it then wouldn't match the sides.
  3. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Thanks John. Took a while to take the plunge. Once I sort scar out and lower hairline. I'll be happier. At this moment in time I could grow my hair back ( i think) if I changed my mind. If I lower hairline it means no going back unless I laser it away which I don't want.
  4. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Hi guys, I was thinking about smp and shaving my head waaaay to much. So I just did it a few days ago. As you can see from the start of the thread I had already had two sessions under existing hair. I plan to go back to lower hairline and touch it up. I am also considering lasering my scar work and starting again as it's too dark.
  5. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Back here again, Only thing putting me off is my scar. Is just isnt very nice even after having about 4 sessions. Its too dark now. Might bite the bullet in the summer.
  6. SMP into Scar

    My scar is a one long scar from ear to ear. Ink didnt seem to hold. We went too dark and it didnt fade. Id like to shave my hair off and do SMP. The clinic couldn't get it right so they offered me some money back or SMP over my whole head under my existing hair. So i chose to do that, little improvement but would now like to go the full way. Seems like i may have to get it lasered off.
  7. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Same for sunbeds?
  8. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Maybe one day. As long as I'm happy with what I've done that's the main thing. Thanks for your comments. I still have the choice one day in the future. If I shaved down that's it. No going back. Now it's more flexible. Also sometimes feel Insecure about my scar and grow my hair longer. Sometimes my hair is at a 0.5 on sides and back. Sometimes I leave it till about a 4. SMP wouldn't allow me to do that especially if I got hairline lowered
  9. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Thanks. I have decided to keep what I have with smp underneath. Happy with the results so far. We havent gone too dark so that in the future I can still shave it off lower hairline and touch up. It's the same with smp. From a distance looks great but close up I'm not convinced. Would rather have receeding hair than ink at this moment in time. I didn't have the balls to go all the way. Will now put this to bed and see how I feel moving forward. Smp and hair fibres in the crown are ok for me right now
  10. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Thanks. Still not sure. It's driving me mad. I just figured I might as well keep what I have. I can always get SMP a few years down the line. Feel a bit sick now
  11. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Hello Used to be completely bald and had a hair transplant about 13 years ago. My doner hair wasn't the best so my expectations were low. It came out ok and I can live with it. As you can see from my pictures I have a scar. I had SMP into the scar which helped a bit but not the best camroflague. I then went back had had my first session all over my scalp . Results are promising and create a bit of cover for my naturally thin hair. The first session was done very suttle and I have still got an opportunity to shave it off and lower my hair line with smp. I would love a slightly lower hairline but I am torn between doing one last session under my existing hair or shaving off lowering hairline and living with an smp head ? My crown is pretty much sparse. I use hair fibres to cover up a bit. SMP has helped in that area even with hardly any hair there. I now can use much less fibers in the crown. Pictures have been taken with hair fibers in my crown only What do people think?
  12. Meet me?

    Hello. I had a hair transplant in New York about 13 years ago now. My supply wasn’t the best and I had low expectations. I had a strip scar and unfortunately left me with a scar. Over all tho I was happy with the outcome. The scar started to bother me years later so I got smp into it. It camroflaged it a bit and it better than what it was. I have now had 1 session of smp all over my head but under my existing hair. My crown is gone and front third is quite thin generally. The smp has made a nice difference. The plan was to start light and I had the option to shave everything off. I couldn’t do it but before I go back next week for my second session I can’t decide if I should just shave Down and be done with it. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to meet me in London or Hertfordshire before Saturday 19th May so I can see what smp look like with a shaved head. I’ve seen one guy and it looks good. I know it’s short notice but I can’t decide what to go with.