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  1. Front third was very thin and crown was gone. Used nanogen fibres and it looked fine. Now I've shaved it off it would take too long to grow out again so going for more SMP all over and in the scar again.
  2. bad smp from another company

    Yes, in my scar. Had to laser it off 3 sessions.
  3. SMP into Scar

    Very similar to my story. The scar is looking great now. You were lucky that one laser session did the trick. I've had two and still some pigments remain. Hoping with a bit of derma rolling and bio oil. I'll be in a better place to get more SMP into the scar.
  4. I need help please

    Did fraxel help your scar? Any pics?
  5. Smp isn’t a miracle cure for scars. Scars can be very unpredictable and some may not take the ink very well. I shaved my hair to a 1 and got smp into my scar. It didn’t cover very well so on the second session, again didn’t cover too well. The ink was fading into my scar. I left my hair a bit longer and he went darker which helped to some degree but it still wasn’t giving me enough concealment for my liking. I then shaved all my hair off and the ink was too dark. I had to have two laser sessions to get rid of the pigment. There are still some that remain. I am now using bio oil to help and started derma rolling my scar. Will then get some more smp done. In total I had 4 sessions into my scar and it didn't work too well. Now my scar is on show to the world as I've shaved my hair off. I did have pictures and a thread but it's been deleted for some reason.
  6. Smp moisturizing tanning and anti-shine

    Cover your head with a bandana and go on the sun bed every so often.
  7. Smp cut lengh

    I think it really depends on your hair type. If you have got corse dark hair than a foil shave will be best. For me my hair is so thin. I think I can get away with a 1
  8. Tips on how to look good with shaved head

    Society has been brought up to think. Tall, dark and handsome is what girls go for. Nice thick hair also helps. Subconsciously young women are looking at men thinking he would produce nice looking babies ( I'm sure I saw a study about this) The main point being is that the person is happy and that will radiate on others. I am happier when I feel in shape and have a tan. That's what helps me radiate more positivity. We don't buy new clothes that look crap, we buy them to make ourselves feel better.
  9. SMP into Scar

    My scar is a one long scar from ear to ear. Ink didnt seem to hold. We went too dark and it didnt fade. Id like to shave my hair off and do SMP. The clinic couldn't get it right so they offered me some money back or SMP over my whole head under my existing hair. So i chose to do that, little improvement but would now like to go the full way. Seems like i may have to get it lasered off.
  10. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Same for sunbeds?
  11. Meet me?

    Hello. I had a hair transplant in New York about 13 years ago now. My supply wasn’t the best and I had low expectations. I had a strip scar and unfortunately left me with a scar. Over all tho I was happy with the outcome. The scar started to bother me years later so I got smp into it. It camroflaged it a bit and it better than what it was. I have now had 1 session of smp all over my head but under my existing hair. My crown is gone and front third is quite thin generally. The smp has made a nice difference. The plan was to start light and I had the option to shave everything off. I couldn’t do it but before I go back next week for my second session I can’t decide if I should just shave Down and be done with it. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to meet me in London or Hertfordshire before Saturday 19th May so I can see what smp look like with a shaved head. I’ve seen one guy and it looks good. I know it’s short notice but I can’t decide what to go with.