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  1. Risks of SMP after FUE?

    Hi, Are there any risks associated with having an SMP in the recipient area where an FUE was done? (scalp & beard grafts were placed into the crown, and want to add SMP in the same recipient area for added density). I know that it's usually best to wait 10-12 months for the grafts to grow before doing the SMP, but apart from this, is there any risk of SMP damaging the hairs in the recipient area? I've read that SMP is placed at a more superficial level and thus can't affect hairs, but maybe the transplanted hairs are not placed as deep as the native hairs? Thanks in advance.
  2. All of the alcohol free sunscreens I've used leave a white / powderish residue that counteract / lighten up the pigments from the SMP itself. I've found the alcohol free Kinesys sunscreen spray which would seem perfect in terms of avoiding the white residue. Has anyone tried this and is able to confirm that it has no significant risks / downsides (maybe from other ingredients that come in liquid form)? Any other sunscreen recommendations that don't leave residue would be helpful as well. Thanks.