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  1. Posted this back in March and haven't gotten much of a response.. Is there anyone on this forum that has had SMP to camouflage (frontal, pluggy-pitted grafts?) Thanks-LDB
  2. Consulation.

    Dude...I wish I had your hair...just shave it and forget SMP for now...your hairline will look great shaved
  3. Yeah...it is tough not knowing what the outcome will be... Thanks man!
  4. I am really struggling with whether to get SMP to cover up old frontal-"pluggy" transplants....I am so nervous about shaving my head and seeing pitted-doll head grafts....Anyone out there, that has pics of their hairline camouflaged with SMP? Thanks
  5. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    I wish I did nothing when I was younger. I had gotten hair transplants at 20 and I am now 49. I have very few options now because of my mistakes. I am still considering smp only to hide bad hair transplants, but I am still not convinced tattooing wouldn't just draw more attention. My advice: Shave your head, do nothing else, and be thankful you haven't botched your scalp...Best of luck
  6. Thanks Ed, The grafts look so faint...I know if mine were shaved that close, they would be so much more noticeable.
  7. ...so do you think his transplants were NOT removed prior?
  8. Can anyone tell me if Mike's hair transplants were removed prior to SMP? They look very light and flush without any visible stubble
  9. Here is where I am at. One side has had some transplant repair, while the other is still bumpy. I either need to save thousands of dollars to add more transplants or remove the frontal grafts. I really just want to forget about my hair, and SMP seems like it could be so freeing, but the not knowing what it will look like scares the cr@p out of me. I wish I could meet someone in person that has had it done....pics and videos don't really tell the truth
  10. I would be interested in that too. Willing to post any pics spotty?
  11. I really would love to see someone with SMP in person. I live in the Greenville SC area. Thanks!
  12. Anyone with prior transplants, willing to post some before and after pics? I have seen some from HHC videos, but would like to see and hear from forum members who have had first hand experience. My biggest concern is not the donor scar cover up as much as the camouflaging of the bumpy, pitted frontal grafts. Thanks
  13. Chic hair?...no... lol! I am just looking to camo the hairline....will still be very bald but less self conscious about the pluggy hairline.