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  1. Advice on anti shine

    Best product by far is Peter Thomas Roth anti shine gel I’ve tried the lot lol mom works ok but after an hour on my head it became sticky, but yes use it after moisturiser has sunk in my rountine at the minute is... shave in the morning. Then I apply SmashBox pore minimiser, then PTR and get a good day of reduced shine one thing is, you’ll never get a perfect matte head all day, so have to live with a tiny bit of shine hope that helps
  2. SMP progress

    SMP = 2d = fresh shave look i shave against the grain everyday so it blends perfectly & I’m a nw3 ish
  3. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I genuinely think I could of got away with 1 session, but obviously the broken hairline wasn’t done till session 2
  4. Opinions about the SMP hue

    everyone is different and yes it does look ok after a week, but close up I could see big dots for weeks & it did take about 3 months on me for them to shrink down & not be so noticeable
  5. David Silva

    I really thought a shaved head looked good on him...
  6. Is this laser legit?

    If I was looking for laser removal, I’d be a bit weary of a company that posts false images. The pics clearly shows before & after SMP... not removal !!!! I’ve only ever come across one company in the UK that posts genuine before & after smp removal, but not sure I’m allowed to post a link
  7. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Mine took nearly 3 months to look settled after my final session. I always thought my dots looked big, but they did eventually shrink, but I didn’t experience any of the blotchy patches you seem to have
  8. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I had 3 sessions in total, spaced about 2 weeks apart I didn’t experience any fading (everyone different) and went back to work a week after 1st session (nobody mentioned smp, just oh you’ve shaved your hair off) 2nd and 3rd session I had done on a Friday and returned to work on the Monday
  9. Opinions about the SMP hue

    I’m no expert, but to me, the top of your head looks like “blow-outs”
  10. Best mousturiser with SPF that stops shine

    In summer I use Piz Buin ultra light dry touch spf 30... not sure it does much for reducing shine, but becasue it’s not greasy, it allows me to put a bit of Peter Thomas Roth over the top, which in my opinion, works the best to reduce/ eliminate shine... this summer I’m going to try this Roc Soleil-Protect Anti-shine Mattifying Fluid SPF30
  11. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Good luck 👍🏻
  12. FUE on SMP

    I thought he’d had SMP & decide to grow this hair out 🤣
  13. FUE on SMP

  14. FUE on SMP

  15. FUE on SMP