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  1. Beards?

    Personally I always have 3-4 mm of stubble. I can’t grow a long thick beard otherwise I definitely would should people are in the mind set of, “why would you grow a beard but shave your head” I grew mine longer once & some chick I know asked me that question lol personally I like the beard / smp or bald look
  2. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I work 3 shifts & when I’m on mornings (6am-1.30pm) I shave my head at 5am & it last me the day
  3. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    This is why imo, people need to understand that if you want a perfect blend, you need to shave daily, every morning in fact... hair is 3D, smp is 2D. If you let your hair grow, even slightly in certain lighting conditions you will always see a difference, whether or not the general public will notice is debatable... 99% probably not
  4. darts legend RVB

    The top picture looks dreadful to me. Looks like he’s got a helmet on got a fit new missus though
  5. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looks bang-on to me mate. I’d try and reframe from adding & adding more dots, otherwise it might start looking “painted on”
  6. darts legend RVB

    looks like Raymond Van Barneveld has gone down the SMP route after a failed hair transplant Not sure about the hairline though
  7. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    That’s the question I’ve been asked the most “why do you shave your hair off, when you’ve got a full head” I respond with, grey curly hair isn’t for me 😆 that also brings me on to shine... In my head, I’m like, why would you want a bald shiny head when you appear to have a good head of hair ! wet shave, rotary or foil my head still shines like a mirror, so I have to use PTR everyday!!
  8. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    My opinion on smp is (and I’ve had it for around 2 years now) it’s less hassle for me just shaving everyday than styling my hair to cover my receding parts (Nw 3 high hairline, no hair loss on crown area). But the killer for me is shine! Something that never entered my head. Yes there are products to reduce it, but these don’t last all day. I’ve never been able to accept it and just get on with it. (Wish I could, then smp for me would be 💯) I think the problem for me, stems from looking in the mirror before smp, at a “full head of hair” to full shaved off shiny head.. it’s hard to get used to, where as if someone is already bald or wet shaving their head... they are already used to the look...
  9. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Shine on my head is no different whether I wet or rotary shave. PTR is great when first applied but does where off within a few hours... 2 years on, I’m still using it daily as I’ve yet to fine a better solution
  10. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Try this GM68... I used it in Greece this year... it doesn’t dull shine, but it’s really dry-touch on the skin like I’ve said before, only thing to dull shine is PTR or to some extent MoM
  11. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looking good mate. Blend looks spot on 👍🏻
  12. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Interested to see some pics mate
  13. Few questions from a newbie

    Hello I’ve had smp for about 18 months now & I’m a bit of a bugger for going in the sun, I do wear sun cream most of the time & I haven’t experienced any sort of fading I’ve even burnt my head and it peeled, still no change some people just hold the ink better than others
  14. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looks really good mate. Not sure you need a 3rd session. Nice subtle hairline shaving off to the wood now 😉 wish my head looked matte like yours 😫
  15. Tips on how to look good with shaved head

    I’m quite pale in the winter and nobody as EVER mention “cancer look” to me. You must have a nice circle of friends!!!! Plus everybody looks better with a tan, hair or no hair regarding the the cap thing, total opposite for me. I like wearing caps/hats but never did with hair because it used to make it a mess and reveal my receding hairline. Now I can take it on & off as and when I like not sure any of your points are valid to be honest, you’re basically saying smp will only look good on buff tanned people 🤔