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  1. Dark Skin SMP Removal

    Ridder, If you have had removal done then this is a bit late info. I had one session done at another company who are a big brand but produced unsatisfactory results, so I came to HIS to get it put right. Although HIS did an excellent job, I decided to start again and get a sizable part of the treatment at the front removed. I have skin type 4/5 of the Fitzpatrick scale so I'm at risk of hypo/hyper pigmentation. I tried the Picoway laser which is cleared by the FDA for all skin types. Had to travel 200 miles to get a patch test, I don't know if it was down to the technician or the laser but it scabbed and blistered a fair amount. I then went and got a patch test done with an Quanta Q-PLUS C EVO which gave no adverse effects, went back and had my first laser session, after 48 hours a fair amount of ink shifted, which I was surprised at, as I was under the impression it would take at least a few weeks to even notice a change. Most of the remaining pigment is of the darker a shade which was not applied by HIS, but I notice is also starting to be flushed out too. So if your work was done by HIS it can very easily be removed from darker skin. I will update when the removal is fully complete.
  2. Is it OK to use the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver on the first post treatment shave?
  3. Laser treatment on skin type 5

    Second session with Danny in Manchester is now complete. The results are looking very good! I went into a barbers yesterday to get a beard trim. The lady who trimmed me up didn’t have a clue even though it’s scabbing and she was 2 inches away! lol
  4. ‘Blow outs’

    I always find though SMP does not seem to create the transition from Hair to skin well.
  5. ‘Blow outs’

    Looks really good that Perm! I’m going to try for a similar thing in my third session on Monday!
  6. ‘Blow outs’

    Show me then how does it look?
  7. ‘Blow outs’

    Permanent thanks! Just what I thought!
  8. ‘Blow outs’

    The larger dots in the centre of my forehead are non-HIS they look way too darky, I’m not sure if they are just lonely! But I think they are blown out slightly. Second opinion?
  9. ‘Blow outs’

    Is it possible to fix dots that have blown out? (none HIS treatment)
  10. Laser treatment on skin type 5

    Here is some background to this thread. I received some bad treatment elsewhere. I am currently in the process of getting my treatment corrected at HIS by one of their excellent practitioners! I seem to have the ear of the CEO of the other clinic now. So we will see what comes if it!
  11. Laser treatment on skin type 5

    Also I would like to add, the delay in the response was because #### was actually off work on the afternoon I emailed him. So really there was nothing to worry about!
  12. Laser treatment on skin type 5

    Just an update in this: i was informed by #### that patch test is not essential for my skin type because the area is too small, the power settings so low and becauses I am borderline 4-5 so it should be ok. Along with this I was to SMP removal bears more resemblance to permanent make-up removal than tattoo removal. I have not had laser treatment yet so I cannot comment on this further. I also found out elsewhere that there are other types of lasers (very expensive top end) such as PicoWay and others.... that are highly suitable for dark skin and give very quick removal results.
  13. Laser treatment on skin type 5

    Hi Ed. No response. I also asked for the consent that would probably need to be filled in. It’s extremely worrying for me that every other laser clinic in the country who I contacted in the country have insisted on a patch test for my skin type. This shows a disregard for wellbeing in my opinion. It’s not safe to do laser treatment on me with first testing how I might react. These machines scar and burn people. They also do not necessarily even work on my skin type.
  14. Hi All, I have had HIS treatment at the Manchester Clinic in the UK. To cut a long story short I had treatment at a certain competitior of HIS and the first session faded a lot. I subsequently went to HIS for my second session which I am very happy with. #### who I am dealing with in Birmingham has recommended that I get laser treatment to correct my hairline. I am skin type 4-5. Initially no patch test was offered. Is it standard practice to perform laser treatment on SMP with no patch test? Is this not dangerous. Every other laser centre I have spoke to in the UK INSISTS I do a patch test regardless of whatever treatment I have had specifically because of my skin type. If anyone has any advice or similar experience please advise.