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  1. Toronto clinic

    Hey bro, thats looks amazing! it appears that you have a lot of your own hair still left , I’m worried about having to go back 2 work after 2 sessions and the results will look unfinished or fake,I can’t wear a hat at work that’s for sure
  2. Toronto clinic

    I can imagine! That was was my concern as well. I guess I’ll wait until either there is more positive reviews about the new practitioner or we can see HIS Work when the treatment is finished.Other option I guess would be to go to the clinic in New York.Thanks for your help, I hope the treatment turns out the way you want it. You have any pics as to what it looks like after 3rd session ?
  3. Toronto clinic

    That makes sense because when I asked him for photos of finished treatments that he had done he said he doesn’t have any at the moment. He did however show me photos of guys in between of sessions 2 and 3 and the photos did look good on his phone. Of course it wouldn’t much more reassuring to see the finished treatments by that practitioner.
  4. Toronto clinic

    hey man thanks for the reply. Im north of Bramton but will have no problem traveling to meet you.
  5. Toronto clinic

    Hi guys, i been considering this treatment for years now and finally had a consultation this past week. I was wondering if they are any members That had the procedure done and are fair complexion like me in Toronto area. I understand there is one practitioner working here any information about the quality of his work? Sorry if this been talked about already. If anybody had the procedure here would be willing to meet up that would be great. Of course lunch or a drink on me. I should mention I’m about Norwood 7 now. Thanks!