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  1. My daily pictures from start to finish!

    Hello again, So I decided to creat a new topic because the previous topic I made went a little off track. Today.. is exactly 10 days after the first session. Still have 2 more sessions to go. My practitioner Is phenomenal, I heard great things about him, so I decided to travel out of the state I live in to get it done by him. He said he would try to finish it in 2 sessions since I fly each time, so flight tickets adds a lot to the cost.. but we will see how it goes. Let me know your opinions. First 2 are before pictures. Then, session 1 pictures follow.. they’re were all taken right after the treatment, so you’ll see a little bit of a redness there.. I was expecting a more feathered hairline but he didn’t do it. Maybe he is going to do it in the second session? Your reccomendations, advices, feedbacks would be greatly appreciated. (More pictures will follow)
  2. First session smp

    I promise I didn’t mean at all to offend anyone. I thought he was joking. Never expected he was serious at all with those pictures. Anyway I am sorry.
  3. First session smp

    Hahahahahahaha sorry mate, my ass is hurting from laughing at those photos
  4. Is there anyone in Vancouver BC CANADA that wants to discuss smp ?

    How about Seattle?
  5. My daily pictures from start to finish!

    Thanks man.. TBH, I still have the apprehension because it's still session 1. I'm still wearing my hat when I go out. My roommate had a chat with me about the energy bills and didn't suspect a thing or even looked to my new hairline. Probably because there was no drastic change? Perhaps the 2nd session will impact my confidence more when I see a darker shade on my head and know that my horseshoe is totally disappeared. Stay tuned.
  6. My daily pictures from start to finish!

    Today is day 10 after the 1st session. This picture I posted was 3 days ago, it even faded more now.. My practitioner advised me to wait longer if I don’t care to finish soon so he can have a better judgement for the shades, density, blending, etc.. So I scheduled my second session on Aug 8th which is almost a one month between the 1st and 2nd seasions. I might ask him to grab the hairline a little down. I am hoping he can creat a natural feathered look by adding one single layer versus the 2 layers in the rest of my head.
  7. Any Recommendations

    Keep us updated and post more pictures later. Don’t worry things will be better soon.

    Redman! Your treatment looks great. I am jealous man!

    Yes it’s a a big event! Lol I am done with my first session. Was happy with it but after that it got disappeared
  10. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

    That's hilarious! haha
  11. Hey guys, I'm wondering if any of you is thinking about it too. We all know the downside of SMP that it doesn't give you the 3D look. (Even the 3D scabs left after each session fall off very soon later) So I was thinking it would be awesome if we can combine our SMP with Toppik or any product out there. It would add a more realistic look to this 2D paint we have, wouldn't it? I've read some great ideas about combining SMP with FUE, but unfortunately my donor area isn't approved for hair transplant. I even thought of taking some hair from areas in my body (where it's thicker) and transplant it on the SMP hairline on my head, but I don't know is it's even possible. So the Fiber thing might be a good idea.. We can wear it like once a month.. (as if our shaved-head look naturally changes and we let our hair grows..) Am I thinking too much about it? lol .. anyway, you guys know the struggle and how hard all of us try to fill that desert on top of our heads in a the best way possible! Let me know your thoughts.
  12. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

  13. SMP suitability

    You still have a lot of a still-alive follicles! If I were you I would get the procedure done and grow my hair a little longer than (Zero). the only problem that you will keep doing It more frequent than us (bald guys with a typical full SMP)
  14. Thinning crown to add realism

    TBH I wouldn’t do it. Showing thinning on the hairline makes sense because it’s easily noticed. But on The crown is not easily noticed. So don’t give them something they won’t even know.
  15. Any Recommendations

    Oh man. I hate to sound negative but it’s not a very good job. The hairline is too defind and unnatural. If I were you I will definitely talk to them and make them put me with another practitioner to fix the hairline. the good thing in your favor is that the hairline is mature, which makes the fixing possible. Just get a much better practitioner to creat more realism at the hairline. I have done 1 session and there are 2 sessions left. I better be more catious too. goodluck!
  16. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

    Lol guys I know what you mean. I've already took the leap on SMP and started my first session. I'm already in! Was just discussing with you an extra thing to create more realism you know
  17. Hey Guys, So I decided to take the plunge FINALLY and booked my first session on July 6th. I will post pictures here from now on to help people who wanna do it too. (Since I couldn't find many people helping I will start with myself) I'm going for a subtle SMP and a natural high hairline. Any advices or recommendations to tell my practitioner? I'm more nervous now as it gets closer to the date . Your insights would be much appreciated guys! Let's keep in touch from now until I finish all the sessions. Awaiting your kind comments.
  18. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    . . . . . . . .
  19. Hairy Again

    Hey Soctupus! Would be greatly appreciated if you can post a recent picture so we can see how it looks now after 4 months have passed..
  20. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    Thank you very much SHVD for your detailed instructions and guidance. Yes, I have a very straight and thin fine hair, (That's why it's gone lol). I totally agree to draw the front hairline at the same level where the "spot of glare" is, because I'm Mid 30, so Yes, gotta keep it mature and receding looking. Pretty much like the guy in this video but not as defined as his. As for the pointy horns on the sides. I'm still not quite sure where will the line be going, it's a bit tricky on the sides. I found that Good and bad SMP's are spotted once you look at the temples so I gotta be extra careful on those sides. I wish there was an option here where we can draw on pictures and show each others, but I think 80% I got what you mean. I'm counting the days. 7 days separating me from the big day! Here is the video of the guy with the Hairline I like:
  21. I'm from Seattle and I scheduled my first session on July 6th. Have you done yours?
  22. Any Seattle case studies?

    Anyone in Seattle folks? I want to see someone who had it done before my 1st session on July 6th
  23. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Oh Man, you're case is damn interesting. You reminded me of myself when I couldn't accept the fact that I'm balding. I was battling it till the last breath! lol. I still look at my old pictures when I used to do comeovers and whatnot and they were terrible. People who see me now they even say I look better with a bald head more than I look with a thinning hair. You're hair is exactly the same like mine, same thin, same softness, same everything. Do yourself a favor and shave off everything and go for SMP. It will look great because you're not totally bald. My 1st session is on July 6th. Wish me good luck!
  24. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    Looks great on you. Frontal corners of hairline is real and fits your age. Thanks for sharing!
  25. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures