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  1. Newbie from Toronto here. First of all, a big thank you to everyone who's contributed to this forum. You guys have made this experience so much easier on me. Cheers to you guys, and to HIS for hosting this forum. So far, I've had 3 sessions at the Toronto clinic. I'm light skinned, and roughly a norwood 6. My first 2 sessions came out super light, almost unnoticeable (after about a week), but I'm very pleased with the approach. I was afraid to go too dark, and too soon. I wanted my SMP to look as natural as possible, so getting that perfect shade meant the most to me. The practitioner recommended we try a shade 30 for my first session. And it actually looked decent for the first week, but then it slowly disappeared. Then came the 2nd session, and we dropped to shade 26. About 2-3 weeks later, it almost disappeared again (but not as bad as the first session). So if you looked close enough, you could still see some faint dots. Anyways, I wasn't concerned. I know from your guys' stories that this happens a lot. And then 5 days ago I had my 3rd session. We went down to a shade 20 or 21. This one seems to be holding up a lot better. Perhaps we finally found the perfect shade. I haven't shaved my head yet, so I'll have to throw up some pictures for you guys when I do. Obviously this last session will fade a lot in the coming months, but it's not a big deal. I rather go too slow than too fast. The bottom line is that SMP involves layers and layers of treatments. "Slow and steady" was the advice that was often given out here, and I'm glad I listened to you guys. My advice to the other guys on the fence is to take it slow, and take it easy - because HIS offers you their guarantee. They've already offered me my 4th session (free) since the first 2 had faded so much. So it's nothing I'm stressing over...HIS will get it right for you, as long as you're willing to put in the time. I know I'm in good hands with HIS. And by the way, the practitioner in Toronto is spot on. The guy knows what he's doing!
  2. Really want to do this but...

    To anyone that's "on the fence" or scared of SMP looking too dark, or too fake, I would urge you to go in and get your first session done very lightly. My SMP had almost disappeared after the 1st and 2nd sessions, but it gave the practitioner and I a good understanding of how the SMP held up on my scalp. Everyone is different, as they say, and the slow and steady approach is guaranteed to match with the rest of your hair, you'll have time to reevaluate, and you wont be too paranoid about being 'found out'. I went hatless to work after 3 days post treatments and I didn't have to sweat over it. So if you want a gradual transition just talk about it with your practitioner.
  3. Toronto His Clinic

    Hey JCVD, I recently had my third session in Toronto. My first two sessions were very light, like you, but I'm actually pretty thankful for that. Easy does it, right? I like the fact that the practitioner went light, and since the first session we've been going darker and darker ever since. I'm light skinned, so we started with a 30 shade, then the second was a 26, and this last one we went down to 21 or 20. We'll see how it fades this time around...I'm 5 days post third session right now (and haven't shaved yet), but we're getting closer to the finish line. The practitioner even noticed himself how faded my SMP was after the first 2 sessions, so he said not to worry about my 4th sessions (since it's guaranteed). That's why I love HIS, they got your back!